CVG: Hydrophobia Hands-On

By the year 2051 the world's population will have hit a staggering total of 9.8 billion. Mankind's resources will be unable to cope with the demands. Clean water will be hard to source. Food supplies are projected to be even tougher to maintain. Space shortages will give rise to housing problems. For many the world will not end in a bang - rather it will wither away slowly as its inhabitants are starved and left without the basics needed for life.

In Hydrophobia's grim future - which, it should be noted, is frighteningly close to select scientific projections - five self-proclaimed founding fathers think they've got the answer. The heads of the world's biggest companies decide to pool resources to create a floating paradise called the Queen of the World, where their research into the enhancement of supplies isn't impeded by stringent government regulations.

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