lGN: TGS 09: Kazunori Yamauchi Interview (Gran Turismo)

Kazunori Yamauchi sit down with IGN to talk about GT5.
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Cyrus3654317d ago

Lots of Good questions, or stuff, but he was vague on alot of answers.

So basically from this video, Weather and Day/Night are NOT CONFIRMED. He said they can do it, but it depends how it affects the game, so he's not sure yet if it'll end up int he final game.

Hopefully it does, that would be awesome.

Asked about head tracking...with PS Eye, he said as of now, maybe, and they have ideas, just not ready to share those ideas.

Greywulf4317d ago

Because the french site said that there are plans for weather/rain. So.. either way its good to know its on the books. Damage taking 2 months makes me think weather will be a reality.

renegade4317d ago

i think so, it will take more time working with the weather.

ravinash4317d ago

I love the way this guy goes on about his game.
yes, he won't put it in if it effects the realism of the game because its at such a high level that if you get it wrong, you ruin the whole feel of the game.
But he has so many ideas, and loves what he does.
I hope we do see some of the stuff like night and day plus using the Playstation eye.
Still at lest the focus is on what his game can do and not going on and on saying his is better than anyone elses....he lets the game speak for itself.

supremacy4317d ago

look at how detail this game looks, like the signs on the wall, the pavement on the street, the cars themselves. this game is turning out to be something special ill be here ready whenever it lands.

and no i don't care if forza 3 is out now and many are enjoying it either that's not my business, if anything ill have many other games to play so im good.