Modern Warfare 2: Killstreak Pave Low leaked

Videogameszone published a leaked Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 vid, that show the Pave Low Killstreak.

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belal3465d ago

when the player sucks so hard, he shouldnt even be there playing lol.

beatrixkiddo3465d ago

it is hard to watch though with how terrible his movement is. Maybe we were all once that bad at COD. Can't remember. Not that i am incredible or anything but watching that guy had my nerves in knots knowing that any second he was going to get popped from behind for not watching his back AT ALL

frotacular3465d ago

I was questioning if they have ever played CoD before because they were so bad. I was cringing at basically every move they made lol.

deadreckoning6663465d ago

the guy sucked, but cool perk.

Liquid Dust3465d ago

That guy what just, just awful. Graphics are looking so crisp though, and I just can't get over subtle changes, such as the blood spots on the screen when you get hit, can make such a big difference in immersion.

Im more impressed with every video i see, though this guy needs some serious practice...

evrfighter3465d ago

is that the aim assist that I've read about?

Never seen it before since I've never played cod on a console so I'm just wondering

kalikid7143465d ago

1)Was this guy purposely sucking so he could get the copycat perk or to let them have killstreaks??
2)I'm glad they kept the same style of play and added the right amount of amenities... remember folks.. IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT
3)That's funny how the lady caught them video taping it at the "Excuse me, you're not allowed to.."
"Everybody's filming it.."
"Well, I'm talking to everybody, (lol)"
End scene...looks like leaks are getting tougher to leak nowadays...

Quadrostacker3465d ago

I think its a new perk where you can shoot jelly bullets at your enemies. Damn that guy sucks hard

cyberwaffles3465d ago

yes, cod has an obscene amount of aim assist. i've seen killcams of snipers who get headshots off of me without the scope ever being zoomed anywhere close to my body. at first i though it was latency (which could be a mixture of that too), but cod's aim assist has to go for such close range maps.

mag is the only game where i felt like the aim assist is suitable because the maps are so freaking huge. my only complaint about mag is how a sniper can get butt f***** from a guy who is over a 1m away from you.

StanLee3465d ago

As much as that player sucked I can already tell I'm going to hate this game. This game just doesn't seem balanced from the videos I've seen.

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KillerPwned3465d ago

My life officaly is sucked in to this game come 11.10.09

skip2mylou3465d ago

wow that was one horrid player. but i wonder why all of these modern warfare 2 info always come from either a german or swedish site

shutupandplay3465d ago

Damn, I need to get my hands on this game!

hakeem09963465d ago

i don't usually say that but this guy really really sucked at COD but i bet you he had so much fun getting killed every minutes of that games.


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The story is too old to be commented.