Katamari Forever - Gaming Target Review

Gaming Target writes...

"Katamari Forever is the penultimate game in the series thus far; a collection of the best levels combined in a modest port of Beautiful Katamari along with the introduction of yet another awesome new character makes for a game that rekindles the love for rolling. First-timers to the series are definitely the best targets; this shows the series at its very best, though die-hard fanatics should be quite pleased with the variety and usual humor. Yeah, it's a rehash in a series that has tended to have original content in each game, but the new gameplay enhancements and fun new stuff is at least an attempt to evolve the series, which hasn't happened thus far. Long as they don't go DLC crazy like they did with the Xbox 360 version, Katamari Forever is a pretty good value even at $50 – the highest price the series has ever debuted at – and still manages to stand out as a unique title... there's nothing like it on PS3."

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thisguywithhair4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Boring game with terrible controls. At least in the demo anyways.