Latest Beaterator Artist Montage

DualShockers Writes:

"The latest trailer from Rockstar Games has just made it's way to us. It's for their upcoming beat machine game headed to the PSP, Beaterator. The game, created in conjunction with world famous record producer and beat maker Timbaland promises to provide an eloborate music creation tool that can fit in your pocket. Check out the latest trailer which features appearances from rappers like Twista, Pete Rock and many more. Hit the jump for the clip!"

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BROOKLYN N-M-E4327d ago

is looking better and better everytime i see it!

BROOKLYN N-M-E4327d ago

imagine the ridiculous stuff Timbaland himself can make on this thing!

iiprotocolii4327d ago

I would call it more of an "app" than a game. It's very exciting to see that the PSP has the potential to pull things like this off. How Rockstar managed to inspire such a thing is beyond me, but it is definitely something worth checking out if you're into the music producing business. Whether or not the bastards on that video are getting paid to say all that crap is beyond me. But, personally, I think the "app" looks fantastic.

iiprotocolii4327d ago

I'm pretty sure big-named producers like Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Neptunes and all these other guys have already played with this thing. They'll be the first on the list of people to get this app.

Simon_Brezhnev4327d ago

if i had a psp i would get it