Gamers Day : Drake Fortune HD Footage

Check out Drake in action as he fights his way through a tropical jungle populated with bloodthirsty pirates!

Gamers Day 07 Drake Fortune HD Onstage Demonstration in HD

Gamers Day 07 Drake Fortune HD Trailer

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tony4481d ago

nice, but it looks like is in slow motion. water looks fantastic but doesn't splash when he walks on it. and the enemy look retarded a bit.

tehcellownu4481d ago

Uncharted looks so damn great..another buy for me!! gameplay is goin to get me really excited.

Premonition4481d ago

This game still as a while to go, and so far it looks really nice, like the other guy said no splash in the water, hopefully they fix that towards the end.

SIX4481d ago

The water should be fixed though. As well as some of the footing when He climbs. Also the grass should fade into the ground or something. Right now they just look plugged in. The animations are beyond anything on any current console though. When they polish everything up. No doubt, this will be a killer app.

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