Xbox 360 Sees Jump In Sales In Japan

Xbox 360 sales saw a slight gain in Japan on new software releases for the console.
Media Create Co. on Thursday reported that the Xbox successor sold 1,897 units from June 26 to July 2

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Capt CHAOS6173d ago

Just being sarcastic :->
(An Xbox 360 owner)

Sphinx6173d ago

yeah, those Japs love the 360 now!

BOOSTIN6173d ago

yah they probably bought it just to play FFXI on live instead of sh*ty ps2 online. LMAO!

THAMMER16173d ago

It is only a small amout but good it is sign people are getting smarter.



this is lame

though i think once wii comes out, its over for 360 in japan...

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