Modern Warfare 2: First Images of the New Combat Controller

Videogameszone published the first images of the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 Combat Controller for PS3 and Xbox 360. The release for this controller ist set for Nobember, 16th.

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davesdavid923936d ago

WTF those aren't the first images

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poindat3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

That is one UGLY controller... And it's MadKatz, so you know that it will be built like sh*t.

Seriously, why do people still buy from them? The majority of their products are terrible.

IzKyD13313936d ago

Anyone notice something missing from the PS3 one? Theres a little chord sticking out of the 360 one, what is that? Wait, is it PERMANENTLY attached?! What is this, 2004?

Fanboy-ing aside, the controller looks like an unnecessary investment to me

Bobby Kotex3936d ago

He's right. I've seen both PS3 and 360 controllers with headsets. They come in that greenish color and also a white/grey version. It was probably posted on N4G already. What's with these trash articles? I wish we can vote these things down.

ZeroBlitz3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

I don't get how the guys at Infinity Ward can even accept such poor designs and are the horrible green rings really necessary for the PS3 version?

Judging from the Google translation I'm pretty sure the 360 controller is wired while the PS3 one isn't. Which doesn't actually make sense considering the PS3's extra USB item (which I'm pretty sure is a wireless signal receptor) suggests it doesn't even use bluetooth.

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Crazyglues3936d ago

I man, wow, those are some ugly controllers, That's the worst design I've ever seen... MadKatz? (what in the world where you thinking)

Seriously WTF?

Name Last Name3936d ago

massive Failure MadKatz FTL

mirroredderorrim3936d ago

Does anyone remember when we used to play games... for the games?

Sunny_D3936d ago

WTF you talking about fool? PS3 RULES!!!111 :)

CobraKai3936d ago

I have no idea what ur talking about I play game because they are on playstation 1.

0din3935d ago

It's TREY 4 LIFE lol and the questions about Modern NOOBfare IT DOESN'T MATTER about Modern Noobfare, what matters is MAG :)

dragonelite3936d ago

Is that a ps 3 controllerwanting to be a 360 controller.

Nitrowolf23936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

wow these suk a$$
the PS3 controller fail do to no rumble
and the 360 controller fail do to the cord
but both fail due to the fact that they are being made by Madcatz

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