Gray Online Uncharted 2 Review

Very well narrated story and flow
Excellent character acting
memorable characters
Dialogues and the humor
The polish dub is apparently very good
The intensity of the events
Alot of game time to be gotten from the game (I think he means it has a very good longlivity in terms of hours in gameplay)
Soundtrack, voice acting, backdrop sound effects?
Multiplayer (inlucing Co-op online)

Lack of offline/local split-screen co-op (Not sure about this)
At time some few insignificant graphical glitches

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NeoBasch4317d ago

The wait for this game is becoming excruciating. It's like the only thing I think about now. I'm so excited to play this. From everything I've seen, this game levels the competition. Game of the Century is an understatement.

jammy_704317d ago

but i dont see a good reason to knock off .3

NeoBasch4317d ago

As much as it pains me to say, I would have liked to see two player local/offline Co-Op, but I've heard it's impossible because the PS3 can't render the engine twice. Too much GRAPHX! lol I'm not for sure about that obviously, but, I do agree, I'm not for sure that's worth knocking 3% off for.

Cwalat4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

A great score once again, and i agree. If it had local multiplayer it would be the ultimate experience. But then again, todays developers don't see much interest in splitscreen. They don't realize how many of us have more than one dualshock, which is kinda sad.

I have alot of friends over and it's pretty disgusting to let them sit by all quiet and stuff when playing a multiplayer game without splitscreen. I'm not talking about singleplayer needing splitscreen i'm talking about the all alone Coop mode, cause i would never like them to include splitscreen in the main story mode. It sounds weird but i think most of you will understand. Multiplayer looses its' meening when the one mode that started multiplayer from the beginning is ignored by developers.

From a technical standpoint it would be quite heavy to include it in a game such as Uncharted 2, cause it's practically running at full speed interms of power usage from the Cell. But then again i would've never thought that a game could top Killzone 2 before E3, so nothing is impossible. They can do it no doubt, it's just that it would probably cost them another good 3-4 months of development if not more.

Removing .3 from the score is understandable. It's still a superb score and in my book it would also be understandable to let it slide by and still give it a full 10. Either way is a good decision from the reviewer.

I think they'll include it in their next uncharted game, cause what's left that they already haven't crammed into their titles? :P Only splitscreen missing now, imo.

Go Naughtygods!

DK_Kithuni_714317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

Solution: Buy one more PS3 (I hear the slim is cheap) ;-) I got the PS3 fat and will also be getting the PS3 slim. I figure it will be worth it for the Blu-ray and multimedia capabilities alone.

And if you need another TV I highly recommend the Sony X4500 series.

na2ru14317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

Say if I give it a 90/100 due to "lack of offline multiplayer". It is an opinion afteral nevermind its inconsistency right?

Edit: Nothing against this reviewer. Just wondering what made this reviewer happy to give such a score with a negative that could have been taken WAY out of context.

badz1494317d ago

simply my most anticipated title of the year! I will play no other until I platinum this! nuff said!

DaTruth4317d ago

The sacrifice of split-screen gameplay is a loss in this generation! I don't know if you should knock off points for it, but still.

DonCorneo4317d ago

could have been a 6, but for a racing game not to have split-screen when the competition (GTp) has one..

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jp_footy24317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

some reviewers are mad, he actually criticised the graphics, they are 99.9% perfect and he criticized the 0.1% lol, at least he gave it 97/100

why did ign only give a 95? they didn't even give a reason.

what i mean is, i think the game actually deserves more than 95%, which is a testament to how good the game is.

kingdavid4317d ago

youve played the game have you? pfft..

xg-ei8ht4317d ago

Same with Lost Planet 2.

Co-op online only. well from the demo it's that way.

Can't complain really, it's enjoyable.

DigitalAnalog4317d ago

Bring co-op to the U2 is like having 2 players on a Tomb Raider game. It will remove the immersion that is between you and the levels. Those type of modes are more suited to heavy action titles like Killzone 2.

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