Borderlands will release on Steam, have extra features

Destructoid writes:

"About an hour ago we received a tip that a couple Gearbox employees had tweeted about Borderlands coming to Steam. While many people assumed it would be inevitable, I hit up Gearbox to see if I could get official confirmation, and official confirmation I got.

Not only will Borderlands be releasing for download on Steam, Steve Gibson of Gearbox also told us about a couple additional features that will be exclusive to the PC version. Given the amount of unique weapons in the game, you'll probably end up with some sweet-looking gun that none of your friends have. Want to show it off? You'll be able to export item cards to .jpg files. Additionally, the PC version will come with timedemo benchmark software, which admittedly isn't needed for the console versions, but will be a nice touch."

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RadientFlux4371d ago

Neat little extra for the PC version. Though due to my profession (and how much time I already spend on my computer) I'll be sticking to console version and I haven't decided on either the X360 or PS3 version yet.

StanLee4371d ago

I'm looking forward to this game as well. I think I'll get it on the XBox 360 since more of my friends who own that console have indicated they will be getting the game. Not a lot of people know the game is coming out though and for a new IP, I thought there would be a greater marketing push in the mainstream media.

likedamaster4371d ago

Getting it on 360 although it looks to be great on all platforms. Wish it was cross platform somehow... the more noobs to pwn the better.

dreamtheater874371d ago

Hate to break it to you likedamaster, but if it were cross plat, you'd be the one getting pwned by PC gamers using a mouse :)

TVippy4371d ago

Yeah, like Holy "PS3 vs X360" War in Borderlands. LoL.

free2game3654371d ago

Shame Gearbox are lazy with PC versions of games now and they can't integrate steam for coop. Probably have some barebones half thought out garbage system for friends.