Neocrisis: New PS3 Controller Colors *TGS*

Neocrisis: It was revealed at the Tokyo Game Show 2009 that next month in you will be able to purchase a Metallic Blue or Deep Red PS3 Controllers in Japan. They will be available on October 29th, 2009.

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thereapersson4317d ago

New colors are always nice. I wouldn't mind having a Deep Red controller, to match my Piano Black PS3. :)

Eldon34317d ago

This is old news, ive had a blue dualshock3 since Sept3rd. it was my b-day present to myself

jazzking20014317d ago

but y are they showing it at the TGS
must be that it was not widely known

green-cigarettes 4317d ago

I already got this on Gamestop. Now i have the black DS3 , the metallic blue (which is the sexier IMO) and the red one