Aion Demos Available At LAN Centers

Players can get their hands on an Aion demo at some participation iGames centers in NA.

The demo lasts for 3 days, 5 hours or until level 7, whichever is reached first. There is a limited number of demos available.

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Leord4327d ago

I think it's a great idea, but why limit the number of demos? If you can't reach higher than lvl 7 anyway?

Fyzzu4327d ago

Well, if the server queueing issues are still ongoing...

Redrudy4327d ago

Wise move. Spread the word.

Pennywise4327d ago

I already have like 4-5 people buying this game this week.

They really need to fix the servers. The queue is expected, but the horrible lag I was getting on the east was not. Wasn't me, I joined a west server and it was smooth as butter.

To wait 30min to find out the server sucks is bad business!! I love this game though!

Malfurion4327d ago

Lovely game, shame about the server issues, but I think they're being sorted.

Dorjan4327d ago

aion are going flat out!

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