New Euro Aion Servers Announced

NCsoft has announced the arrival of two new Aion servers for European players.

French-speaking players now have Deltras as an option and English speakers get Kahrun in addition to all their existing servers.

This follows the opening of new US West coast server, Fregion, on Friday. An East coast server is following shortly.

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Leord4323d ago

Pretty nice. At least better than WAR :)

AndyA4323d ago

Getting bigger by the second.

Fyzzu4323d ago

Well, that'll ease the queues slightly. Good for the French, too :)

Malfurion4323d ago

I didn't find the queues too bad last week, but they rocketed over the weekend once the game launched :(

Pennywise4322d ago

I got this game Saturday morning. The queues were rough. 20min minimum..

I live on the east and all east servers were horribly laggy.

Ended up joining a west server, which had a high population and no queue.

I have to say - Really like this game. It seems a lot like WoW so far, but I just got my wings, so I have not really seen much.

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