Massive Sony Gamer's Day Trailer BLOWOUT

Sony just dropped a bomb. Featuring Heavenly Sword, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, Folklore, Eye of Judgement, SOCOM 4 (Giddiness), LittleBigPlanet, Pain, Syphon Filter, Lair, Jeanne D'Arc, Pursuit Force, NBA08, high Velocity Bowling, and Syphon Filter.


Sony Owners, rejoice.

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Sevir044476d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

and it comes out 2007.. OMGoodness it looks amazing.. i cant wait till E3.. that looked as if it showed actual game play... ^^ wow this is a definate pick up when it releases... and did anybody see the trailer for Uncharted:DF... my word it's like it could be a freakin movie. and the gameplay walk through is just amazing... OMG this year i will be broke buying all these PS3 games.. 2007 has so freakin much games coming out... and that FolkLore... fall 2007.. i guess i can skip buying the japanese version and just get it in fall... i dont know why but folklore kinda reminds me of the fable 2 trailer.. i but more flashier... cant wait this looks amazing.. i enjoyed the first fable on xbox, so if folklore is anything like it or better then we have a definate winner for Sony's first in house RPG hit. (not dark Kingdom) and Pain.... wow That to me looks like another attempt at user created content... Just imagine creating some outrageous Sadistic and Massercist level and then submittinhg it over the PSN to download... plus it's a PSN title i honestly think it will be something like LBP... man i'm freakin Stoked about all thats coming out this year..

Socom, Killzone 2, R&C. Uncharted, Ninja Gaiden:Sigma, MGS4, DMC4, Tekken 6, FolkLore, Eye of judgement, GT5, Lair, HS, AC, Ratoulille, GTA4, Warhawk, and a Myriad of PSN titles and new demos like LBP, and FFXIII... man i cant wait thats alot of fuking games coming out this year.. and there were like 3 games i didn't even know they were gonna show.. I wonder what else they are gonna show at E3.. last year they showed 8-days and Uncharted... this year is gonna be huge and should help bring back the love Sony side...

like they have stated before this is a 10 year marathon, not a 6 month sprint, all they need is the time to prove them self just like MS did with the 360... Good job sony You have really perked my interest even more in your software.

tehcellownu4475d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

Folklore looks so damn great too!! but yeah the name got to know when its comin to NA? maybe a offical confirmation..all the other games supress my expectation its everythin i have concentrate on bringin it out and makin the game as good as possible..and E3 sony have some more games for us..unannounce games!! i want to see Eight days white knight team ico game mgs4, and etc. HOME is Free..psp glad i stuck by the pS3 blue ray is winnin the competition..and most likely in the end Sony PS3 will sell even more when all these great games comes out..and there will be a price drop..( hopefull) because i really want to see sony succeed their first party games is just like

SimmoUK4476d ago

:) Let the good times begin, looks like christmas has come early for PS3 owners take a look at these beautys!!! Finally some new trailers out there for everyone...

LoveHateTragedy4476d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

Pain looks really intriguing too! By the way, the fly-through sequence in Ratchet really shows off what Cell is capable of. And the animation in Heavenly Sword is just...remarkable. I love how the physics engine enhances the animation, which enhances everything else. (though, I think whoever did the audio for the "Keeping Lookout" video didn't match it up properly)

Uncharted definitely looks like a system seller. Something about the characters just makes them completely likeable, and Naughty Dog is known for surprising us with each new IP.

MikeJonesOK4475d ago

I thought it was my computer, but HS's lookout scene was a lil' bit out of sync.

fenderputty4475d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

Those links are much better.

nix4475d ago

i added it as an alternative link! q: now...


Sevir044475d ago

wanna get invited to the public beta... sign up at this link here... and cross your fingure and hope it you're picked

thank me later

Genki4475d ago

scoured this site myself and couldn't find it, many thanks given, don't know how you did it...but it doesn't matter, because you did it! Thanks again.

Cartesian3D4475d ago

thank u buddy .. :) Im so happy now... Im sure we will have a freakin nice Xmas ... BEST YEAR for gamers..

believe me .. its the BEST YEAR for Gamers in history ... and never happen again for many years comin' ..