IncGamers: Operation Flashpoint 2: Co-op War Diary 1

IncGamers' Tim McDonald and Andy Alderson document their co-op experiences in Codemasters' long-awaited sequel to Operation Flashpoint.

From part 1:

Our initial encounter with the PLA took place a few minutes prior to hitting the radar, which was simple enough – a small building at the top of the hill housed two PLA soldiers. I suppressed them with the SAW while the other three flanked them. Easy. From our vantage point on top of the now-cleared hill we could see the radar and its accompanying contingent of Chinese soldiers. Again, this wasn't an encounter that gave us any hassle, barring Andy's ordering Morales and Winters to charge the sandbags. I will never understand why this man is in command, but at least he managed to place C4 and knock out the radar without incident.

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Leord4319d ago

Hehe, bickering already... Looking forward to future parts! :)

Fyzzu4319d ago

Ahaha nice. Looking forward to the rest of these, game sounds top :)

Maticus4319d ago

This game looks awesome.

Dorjan4319d ago

haha sounds like you two had a good time like an old married couple