LittleBigPlanet Watchmen Costume Kit Coming this Thursday

ConnectedConsoles: Media Molecule have today shown the new Watchmen Costume Kit for their brilliantly creative platformer LittleBigPlanet. A video has been released that shows what you'll be getting in the pack. The pack will be released this Thursday on the PlayStation Network.

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kalikid7144323d ago

Silk Spectre II is so hot.... I just don't know if I want my sackboy being a hot chick lol

The_Firestarter4322d ago

Why? Because it'd be set on fire? Zing!

artgamer4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

Silk SpectrerrrrRRRrr...*drools*

Wonder what the Dr. Manhattan one looks like, they have the physics to pull it off.

Rowsdower4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

he never too happy when people use his stuff:

then again maybe he would like the creative aspect of lbp

but I wish there were some watchman inspired levels coming along with this.

this is pretty funny:

ustayclassyn4g4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

radd lol i guess doc manhattan and comedian just aren't that family friendly xD

bruddahmanmatt4322d ago

If there were a Dr. Manhattan costume LBP would go from standing for Little Big Planet to Little Blue Penis. Not too family friendly at all. lol.

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