Halo ODST 12th fastest selling single format game in UK

Halo ODST has rocketed to the top of the UK All Formats Chart, becoming the 12th fastest selling single-format video game in the UK.

In the last week of September, Microsoft and Bungie's Halo 3: ODST debuts at the top spot in the UK, with Level 5's Professor Layton and Pandora's Box coming in at second place.

Released on Tuesday 22nd September, Halo ODST sold 64 per cent of its week one sales in only 24 hours and ranks at number 12 in terms of the biggest week one sales for a single-format video game.

For comparison, Halo 3 sold 65 per cent of its first week sales in 24 hours, but sold considerably more than ODST.

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techie4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

Wow, Halo 3 sold behind GTA IV on PS3. I had no idea. Thought Halo 3 was top.

no_more_trolling4319d ago

it outsold KZ 2 on the first day

why didnt u mention that? ^_^

techie4319d ago

Course they did. Surely that's less surprising though?

starvinbull4319d ago

That's what successful multiplayer can do for a franchise. Congrats to Bungie.

StanLee4319d ago

I don't think the UK has a rabid an obsession with Halo as North Americans do. Halo 3: ODST seems to have been a resounding commmercial success. Congratulations to Microsoft and Bungie.

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Meryl4319d ago

lol that makes it a flop according to fanboy logic

techie4319d ago

:) Wonder what the other 7 games are. 4 are mentioned in the article.

Meus Renaissance4319d ago

What it shows that its a game largely bought by the hardcore. With Modern Warfare 2 only about 5 weeks out, many would have reconsidered a possible Halo purchase in favour of a new sequel in MW2. Despite that ODST has sold a significant amount by any game's standards. Halo 3 is and will be a unique title in terms of sales.

techie4319d ago

Doubt MW2 was on many people's minds.

Stryfeno24319d ago

No surprise here...Halo 3 makes haters cry.

timmyrulz4319d ago

No bad for an "overpriced, overrated piece of DLC"

SixZeroFour4319d ago

where was that quote from?

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The story is too old to be commented.