Shortfuse Announces 'Alive and Undead' For PSN

DualShockers writes:
'Shortfuse, a developer known for producing the XBLA title Colosseum, has today announced the title Alive and Undead, penned as a 'graveyard beat-em-up', planned for a release of Autumn 2010. Seems even these tiny download-only titles are taking as long as some of our big name titles take, to produce. Good news there, I guess.'

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taz80803942d ago

Downloadable titles are the wave of the future, not surprised that their dev cycles are getting longer

taz80803942d ago

Luckily the Wii wont have to worry about this kind of stuff, lol

Sangria3942d ago

So it will be some kind of Castlevania with humor? Great !

iiprotocolii3941d ago

Anything Castelvania-ish is always welcomed. :) Especially with some good humor.