Lost Planet PC Demo Comparison Screenshots Show Inferior 360!

Amazing screenshots showing exactly how much extra detail the PC version has over the lowly 360.

It's like comparing standard definition to high definition, except that the 360 is already high-def! So what does that make the PC? Expensive.

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nice_cuppa4261d ago

looks like the pc version pictures here and my 360 was alot cheaper than a pc capable of running this game !

dantesparda4261d ago

The point is not the quality of the pictures, but rather the fact that it looks better on the PC. Really there should be no surprise there, as the PC has always been superior, unless you got a sh!tty setup, which most people do (but think they dont) and it doesnt have to cost thousands. I can put together a PC rig for under $1000 that'll blow away the 360.

dachiefsman4261d ago

Yea you might be able to do that but the variety of games associated with consoles is more dynamic than a PC by a huge margin.

Rhezin4261d ago

that is bs look how choppy the screens are for the 360 esp the second screen, there is no way the game looks like that and I have it for 360, I am sick of all these meatheads trying to make the 360 look bad.

Havince4261d ago

in HD it looks the same if not BETTER than gears of war

if your gonna post a comparisson then dont do a fake one showing sh1tty screens that have been taken with a camera

i shud b1tch slap you

JasonXE4261d ago

don't look comparable as pictures. Higher-res screenshots of something like the environment possibly could prove more of a point.

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The story is too old to be commented.