Yakuza 4: New Screenshots Revealed

Videogameszone published a plenty of new screenshots of the upcoming Yakuza 4 for PS3.

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wxer3932d ago

looks amazing
only on PS3

Cwalat3932d ago

Looks good, hope this is the first Yakuza title to get simultaneous worlwide release.

Yakuza 3 EU announcement seems to point in that direction.

Cyrax_873932d ago

plus I've never played a Yukuza game so I'm really looking foward to the NA release...which I will then have to import to Ausralia 'cause I know we'll never get it.

Sangria3932d ago

Please Sega, release Yakuza 3 and Kenzan at least in US :(

forcefullpower3932d ago

They are releasing Yakuza 3 March next year. Announced at TGS from what I remember

Swiftfox3932d ago

Yes I also believe that they announced Yakuza 3 for the west. However, no word on Kenzan making the trip yet and that's a disappointment.

Sangria3932d ago

Yep, i'm actually much more interested in Kenzan than Yakuza 3, the old japanese demo made me drool many times.

Meryl3932d ago

what i want to know is how on earth do they get these games to look so damm realistic and still perform well, lol this is what i call talent