No Local Search Function For MW2

Australia is a great country. Shrimps on the barbie and skin cancer are just some of the perks of living in the land of OZ. When it comes to Video Gaming though, living down under has it's downfalls. Like having no local search functions for the biggest release of the year, Modern Warfare 2.

Oh yes, have your heart broken after the jump.

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Immortal Kaim4323d ago

Seriously this is a disgrace, I just read about it on the IW forums. Can't believe they are shafting the global community in favour of pleasing the American fanbase. IW won't be getting my money, I hope other international gamers feel the same.

Vonsutton4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

I'm not too sure why a feature such as a local search function would not be a priority in Modern Warfare 2's development. There is no excuse for not including local search, and Gamerz Ink has contacted Infinity Ward and Activision for an official response.

Stay tuned..

Winter47th4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

Unless you're American, IW doesn't give a sh!t about you. Cold, but true. Hey, to top it all off, they want MORE money from you. So yeah, The net coding in this game is simply ancient, not surprising coming from a company that didn't develop a new IP for a decade now.

jessupj4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

Well I was sitting on the fence about this one, but thanks to you, IW, you have made the decision so much easier. I will definitely NOT be getting this game while this is true. I'd only be getting the game for the multiplayer, but if it's laggy and frustrating and don't get the kill when I am right between the eyes there is absolutely no point at all to get this game. Well done IW, congrats.

O well, have fun Americans. Hope you enjoy it at least.

Least I'll have barrels of fun with uncharted 2 thanks to it's dedicated servers :)

no_more_trolling4323d ago

glad i live in the usa

IW all the way

Fishy Fingers4323d ago

Doesnt bother me to much, as long as the matchmaking finds you games that will give you a decent connection. Which they will.

The only thing I'd like to see is an option of language. Being from the UK I tend to get connected to "local" servers in EU, which are usually full of foreign speaking gamers.

maverick11914323d ago

kinda agree with you tbh i prefer this because you can get into a game more quicker and as im from UK when you search for EU servers on some games half your team doesn't speak your language so its no use in having a headset on but with COD every game i play half my team speak english COD's online is poor making you feed off the host etc but hopefully the new one will improve on this

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