Turn 10: Nothing on the Market is Within Years of Forza 3

Forza 3's Creative Director, Dan Greenawalt, told x360a at a Forza 3 event in London this week that there's nothing on the market that comes close to simulating what Forza 3 does.

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KingKionic 4869d ago

Bold words .

I doubt it though.

Dan greenwalt even compared it to pc .

uie4rhig4869d ago

but seriously, GT5P imo has much better graphics, but then it might be just me.. however, i wudn't rule out Forza 3.. if i had monies for 360, i would fork it out..

swiftshot934869d ago

I also think that what Ive seen from GT5 looks better that Forza 3. Still Forza looks awesome.

GT5 is apparently gonna have a new physics system and will have physics damage on all cars, so thats something I think Forza doesnt have on GT5 anymore.

Tinted Eyes4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

LOL no. Boy the reviews for Gran Turismo are going to hit them like a brick wall. lol

Keep talking Turn 10.

Turn 10 Studios4869d ago

you better believe it Baby

No other racing Sim can compete with forza 3


Sunny_D4869d ago

I bet you work for Turn 10 don't you?

Parapraxis4869d ago

Who is this guy trying to fool?
It seems he's gone so far as to pull the wool over his own eyes.

4869d ago
Sunny_D4869d ago

What are you talking about? You only had to wait 2 years to get Forza 3.

Turn 10 Studios4869d ago

There's a reason why the competition don't want to release any racing game after Forza...i really can't blame them for not wanting their game to get compared with it

you can say they haven't finished their game

but we know the real reason for the delays

you can call it the definitive racing game of this generation

Or just call it FORZA 3

Proxy4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

"the competition don't want to release any racing game after Forza, but we know the real reason for the delays"

They DELAYED the game because they didn't want it to come out AFTER Forza 3.

Think about it...

OmarJA4869d ago

@ Turn 10 Studios:

Whatever makes you happy kid...

LOL! BulletToothtony.

Black Maverick4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Really, Turn 10? Really?! I can understand trying to support your game but these guys are delusional.

A "demo" has better graphics and a PSP game has more cars. Not to mention NFS: Shift holds it's own in some areas.

And people called Sony arrogant...

Sunny_D4869d ago

Wait, wait, wait. When did they delay GT5 when they never gave a release date? Don't believe rumors fool.

Saaking4869d ago

It's official: Turn 10 are delusional.

Why dis4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

You always doubt it even if the people playing both games at TGS say Forza feels like its simulation is superior to GT5 lol.

Should we believe people playing both games or somebody trying to win over points from PS3 fanboys?

It's not TURN10 that said Forza 3 can be released anytime and then delays the game for more than half a year because of the competition lol(LIKE PD WITH GT5)

You kissing but to these rabids with their angry nervous spiteful attacks due to the GT5 delay and fear of GT5 being second rate like its predecessor, won't change what the media knows based on hands or nor will it convince reviewers to lower the score because you hate all 360 related things.

First you say the GT5 Italia tribute trailer was ingame/gameplay now this.


And Natal hate.

shadow27974869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

It's comments like this that make this a rent and not a buy for me. Or at the very least, I'm buying it used.

I won't support devs like this.

Tinted Eyes4869d ago

What people besides Destructoid said Forza 3 was the better game after playing them? And plus Gt5 isn't even finished yet.

solidjun54869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

That doesn't make any sense. That's like that Anchorman line "60% of the time, it works all the time."

Lay off the smack man.

4869d ago
ultimate9204869d ago

Fighting words

Congratulations T10, you sure have the M$ love...
GT5 is coming March 2010 so I'll judge you're game that is supposedly "Nothing on the market Within Years"

kws10654869d ago

there would be some arguments. But What? Turn 10 said this? Oh, well...Why don't you give some "FREE CAR UNLOCK" to let people believe it just like the last poll.

Bereaver4869d ago

What's funny?

Turn 10 thinking GT5 was delayed because of Forza.

What's hilarious?

Trying to compare the two.

That's what makes them all fools.

4869d ago
SupaPlaya4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

those words can be taken out of context.

Like when I first read it, I think the guy is conceding that Forza 3 is light years behind GT5P, so of course nothing will be years within it.

On a more serious note, both games would be good in their own right. If you only own one console, you would pick the corresponding one so no problem there. If you own both then, well buy both or pick the one you want the most!!

However, it's quite arrogant of a statement to make. This kind of statement would probably only appeal to young kids, which is probably ok if that is the kind of audience the guy is catering for.

Just remember, I'm the "Definitive" user here on N4G. What does it mean you ask? It really doesn't matter as you will think YOU are the definitive one anyways...

HolyOrangeCows4869d ago

"GT isn't as good as Forza!"
Arrogant wuss.

Christopher4869d ago

Well, at least there's no arrogance that's come close to Turn 10's arrogance.

Sorry, but there's a lot to be said for a bit of humility. I don't see Naughty Dog or Infinity Ward out there bashing their competitors. In fact, I see the exact opposite!

We need more developers like them, less like Turn 10, IMHO, no matter how good Forza 3 turns out to be.

SupaPlaya4869d ago

I find that the name "Turn 10" could be problematic in spite of the "fanboys" mentality here. I mean, wouldn't they be associated with a bunch of 10 year olds as they just "turn 10"??

These kind of PR statements really don't help any.

Don't get me wrong, I think Forza 3 looks awesome, just the name bug me a little.

nbsmatambo4869d ago

duh cuz GT5 isnt on the market yet

Major_Tom4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

You know why all of this is funny because no matter how much the PR bullshits and how much of the 'incredible' features are false, this game is still going to get high 90's from media publications.

So have fun with the LOLysics and LOLmage. I thought GT5's damage was pathetic but clearly I was way off. I seriously hope PD took a long hard look at this Demo and just told themselves, "we can't release a game along the lines of this we need to do better with the physics and damage" and I really hope that's what they're doing both games are bumper cars at this point but when turn 10 starts saying they're the definitive racing game those are the kinda videos that make you say yeah, right.

No fanboyism, no bullshit, stick to making good games, the first step is DELAYING THIS GAME and putting in a REAL physics system and ACTUAL DAMAGE.

Megaton4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Do people still wonder why Forza 3 has been getting any hate at all? It all started when this guy went running his mouth at E3. "Definitive" this, "nothing else can compete graphically" that. Sure, go promote your game, have a blast, you should be proud of the things you create. How about doing it by actually promoting what you've created rather than bashing everything else? At the very least, just say things that are within the confines of reality. Would not surprise me in the least bit to find out that he's got an account here, and has been banned to the open zone.

Dan Greenawalt, the most definitive douchebag of this generation.

SupaPlaya4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

I think the guy is not a dbag per se, it's just that GT is a more established franchise. Forza definitely is the underdog here if one were to compare the two. I guess kinda like how the chiwawa bark the loudest...

So basically this is just a PR stunt to hype up their game more, kinda like how HHG hype up its articles. No facts, just flamebaits.

Cobalt404869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

dude, it is the microsoft way. ms may sell games but when was the last time they had a groundbreaking great title. they don't. they have old rehash stuff, broken gears 2 anyone, and they bash competitors.

if you don't have anything then go on the attack. pathetic really. what is even funnier is the guy is oblivious that people are looking like him like an ass. eventually ms will drop them or him, they always do. then no one will touch this clown. i love how these dumbasses prostitute themselves for ms and then get abandoned in the end.

supaplaya. if you are the underdog themn your work has to do the talking. come in with humility, hell even make friends with the top dog. have some grace and finesse. going on a bashing spree says "i'm insecure and i know we suck and our product sucks compared to the top dog" only a high school kid acts like this ass.

and i hope for the sake of sims nothing gets close to this,

go forza, huh?

10 seconds till liftoff

dreamcast4869d ago

I love how T10 kept bragging about how they have like 10x more polys... but forgot to mention it's not in the game, just menus.

Did they think people wouldn't notice when they got the game?

Forza 2:

Forza 3:

ReservoirDog3164869d ago

The less people speak of their greatness the more we think of it.

- Francis Bacon

I don't know if turn 10 made a good name or not but I can't stand their attitude.

Major_Tom4869d ago

In no way did I doctor these screenshots whatsoever I edited it for a fair and unbiased side by side view.

randomwiz4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

agreed pretty bold words.

@Turn 10, Dreamcast, Why Dis

why don't you just accept the truth that GT5 is also a great racing sim like forza. You guys notice that you're the only 360 fanboys in every thread that has to do with GT5 vs. Forza 3

@1.24 (Turn 10)
Kionic is a 360 owner, but people respect him. Its people like you that deserve to be hated.

Lifendz4869d ago

[until GT5 comes out]"

Turn10 should just focus on making a great game and not take shots at the king of racing sims. 360 fanboys will focus on every feature that Forza that GT doesn't. In the end, Turn 10 is and will always be playing catch up.

Knightrid8084869d ago

Turn 10's attitude reminds me of that one kid that wants all the attention.


I really hope karma bites back for all the bashing that the guy at Turn 10 did to Kazunori Yamauchi. They were uncalled for and downright disgraceful.

aaron58294869d ago

He's back with his claims....

Ya know, one thing i like about PD is that, they let their games do the talking... they dont claim their game is the better than the rest.

That's why i cant stand T10 with their bold claims... I'm sure F3 will be an amazing racer... but come on.. enough with the "i'm better than you" statements...

It's getting old.

Mr Logic4869d ago

No doubt they have a great game, but that's just beyond c0cky. That's being a dip$hit a$shole.

IaMs124869d ago

Once again i love how things get turned the other way. I love the comments some of these Ps3 fanboys are making once again. Its Hilarious its the same thing in every article now, back and forth about which is better. Its just funny how fanboys say something then they fight it then they do the same thing they were bashing and ranting again. HYPOCRITES! this site is full of hypocrisy! Thats the word im looking for finally!

Narutone664869d ago

the 360 should be the right answer. No wait, NFS:S looks on par with this game. GT4 looks better than this game on a 1080p full HD TV.

MNicholas4869d ago

the "years ahead" damage simulation allows head-on collision at 100mph to result in losing a bumper, some scratches, and minor changes in drivability. Or why, after the accident, the "years ahead" AI, rather than make AI cars drive around the parked cars, cause them to repeatedly bang into those parked cars as if following an invisible line.

One thing is clear: Ever since the demo came out it's become much harder for Turn10 to hide behind the gloss of CGI and bull-shots. Frankly, I think releasing the demo was a bad idea.

The Tour Man4869d ago

Turn 10, if youre going to have multiple account, you should at least type differently from your original account LOL especially if your using different accounts on the same story. LOL It's obvious who you are.

dreamcast4869d ago

"@Turn 10, Dreamcast, Why Dis

why don't you just accept the truth that GT5 is also a great racing sim like forza. You guys notice that you're the only 360 fanboys in every thread that has to do with GT5 vs. Forza 3 "

Erm.. you have it backwards. I was criticizing Forza 3, not GT5.

MicroSony4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Do i need to say anything?

Tachyon_Nova4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

If you compare all racing games coming out within the last month, or up to GT5's release, Forza fails to win in any aspect.

Gran Turismo has more cars, better graphics, better physics, and better features if you ask me (who cares abouyt making a crappy paint job creator, not me). GTTV is awesome, there's some really good stuff on there.

Dirt 2 has better damage and much better presentation, possibly better graphics as well.

NFS Shift also beats Forza in terms of graphics, but is a bit behind GT5.

Forza has a potential win in terms of community, but given that GT5 will sell upto twice as many copies, that should swing in favour of GT just from sheer numbers.

EDIT: I also liked the comment above who agreed that there was nothing within years of Forza, because its so far behind, thats gold.

fishd4869d ago

My god,They are so f*ing insecure.

Saint Sony4869d ago

Why don't people read? It's not about the looks, it's the thing somewhere deeper in game.

ultimolu4869d ago

Why Dis never answered my question as to why he hates Sony so much. Oh well, guess he'll never answer.

Anyway, GT5 never had a release date and Turn 10 must be smoking some crazy blunts to be honest.

Syronicus4869d ago

And let their product speak for them then I would have no issues. But this is just douche-baggery at its finest and from a MS developer no less... I should not be at all surprised.

M_Prime4868d ago

why are you all talking graphics, you guys never read it did you?

he was talking simulation aspect.. i hate to say it but most of you really missed the point and are dumb..

he was saying simulation wise as in car physics and driving physics, it is the best around. now i do not know that for sure but thats what he is saying, nothing about GRAPHICS..

i mean think about it.. MILITARY simulators do not have spectacular graphics but the do deliver the goods on physics and the way the vehicle reacts, so here he is saying they are very close to making a car sim.. so if you have pedals and the wheel then you are technically driving.. which i think is pretty cool,

so no reason on the graphics debate here

Montrealien4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

Once again, a game that (You know who you are) hate is hotter then a tripple death spicy taco. GJ you fail again.

Fact : Forza 3 will be an amazing console racing sim in the vain of the classic and amazing franchise of Gran Turismo, a game we cant have on the 360, and, I will be playing it in a month.

Fact: Gran Turismo 5 will be yet another classic racing sim be the masters of the genre PD, and will only be on the PS3, and I will be playing it in March of 2010.

ThanatosDMC4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

Wow 124 disagrees and counting... i wonder how high Turn 10's disagrees would go...

Best simulation for physics and driving physics, huh? Did anybody watch that gameplay vid in which the player just drove through grass at high speed and moved/turned his car and did not spin out? Beyond me. Even $hitty cars would have spun.

Maddens Raiders4868d ago

i wonder what alias "Turn 10" will be using after GT5 drops?

Good God, how insecure and desperate must Turn 10 studios be to put out a statement like this? I could never in a thousand years see Yamauchi or PD doing this....

Microsoft Xbox 3604868d ago

Is there a trend a Microsoft? Why do most MS 360 devs come out as arrogant and conceded? This is why everyone looks down on them. You don't ever see Guerrilla Games, PD, Insomniac, Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Media Molecule, Zipper Int, and other Sony devs brag about the superiority of their games like these fools at T10. It's all about being modest and if your game delivers, the game and the fans will do the talking.

GameGambits4865d ago

Turn 10 are my crack dealers. I mean you need some serious dope to believe the load of BS they've subjected themselves into believing.

I wonder when GT5 hits if all the Turn 10 guys will sneak out at midnight to local Wal-Marts in disguises to pick it up. They'll play it and tears will roll down their eyes, because even the most serious crack over dose can't keep the awesomeness of GT5 hitting you like a brick to the nuts.

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swiftshot934869d ago

A bit too c0cky as far as Im concerned. The game isnt even released yet. And I personally think that Shift is at least with in "years" of Forza 3.

LOL, cant wait to see what happens March 2010.

jimbone4869d ago

I agree its one thing to promote your game and another thing to outright brag about it in a way that is really just a lie. I wonder how he would react if the tables were turned and it was his game being down plaid. That being said this may be the first racing game I have bought since the first GT. (I really don't care for racing game but for some reason I am intrigued by this) This don't mean that I still don't think that was a prickish thing to say. You would think developers would respect what there own kind were doing.

aaron58294869d ago

I'm racing against 15 drivers.

soxfan20054869d ago

I race against 42 other cars in Nascar 09. I guess it's better that GT, Forza, and Shift combined.

aaron58294869d ago

I dont like racing in circles.

dragonelite4869d ago

Need for speed:shift is bug nest they shouldnt even release a game in such a stage atleast that what i heard. But you need to know that forza 3 has 2 times the fps and physics calculations per second. It like the people who play sims take graphics over physics and not vice versa. And the environment is beautiful in Forza 3.

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Major_Tom4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Nothing in the market is within Forza 3's damage and physics system LOL.

I can see why GT5 was post-poned a bit so it can clear up some of the things both games are being criticized for.

Motion4869d ago

I didn't disagree with you, but when was GT ever postponed? The only thing they ever said was it would come out in 4th quarter. March is still in the end of their 4th quarter.

Major_Tom4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

In reality GT5 should have been released by now most people can agree with that, in my opinion the projected release date should you call it that was moved quite some time into the future. Hopefully this what because they took the constructive criticism and are trying to apply it to their game.

Basically Forza nor Gran Turismo have the physics and damage to call themselves definitive and hopefully Polyphony Digital realized this and that's why they're taking quite some time. Honestly, looking at the videos of Forza demo playing it and then comparing it to GT5P, both games are a joke when it comes to both of those features.

IaMs124869d ago

I agree GT5 should have been released by now, and didnt they say it was basicly done and could be released now? But now its only 65% they say.. Whats up with that?

Thats one thing i do not like about Sony besides its fanboys is they announce the games too soon. We knew about KZ2 before the 360 was even released and it just came out this year.. thats too long way too long. Im not saying MS doesnt do the samething, they do look at Alan Wake but its not as much. Also God of War III AH! i want to play that game lol

Sunny_D4869d ago

Oh boy, they're actually comparing themselves to pc simulators, let alone GT? Bwaahahah!Well, I guess these don't happen at all. Right?

This one EPIC FAIL:

and my favorite!

poindat4869d ago


Kidding, but seriously... that 3rd vid was just sad.