PSP Go to have 16,000 pieces of downloadable content at launch (including old stuff)

Okay, so the PSP Go won't have any upgrade incentive programs for owners of older generation PSPs -- at least there will be plenty of purchasing options for those who still decide to make the switch. According to a Sony memo recently received by IGN, the PSP Go will have 16,000 pieces of digital content available for PlayStation Store perusers from the day the device hits store shelves. (Well, store shelves located inside stores that haven't boycotted it.)

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uie4rhig4317d ago

where did this come from :|

Marceles4317d ago

Sorry but gotta do it (clears throat)

IT'S OVER 16,000!!!!

3XP4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

"PSP Go to have 16,000 pieces of downloadable content at launch"

PSP go = PSP with out UMD, why is sony trying to act as if PSP go is a brand new handheld. Let me guess, the PS3 slim had 300 plus games at launch too right.

PSP GO & PSP Slim both = do overs of an existing console. Let's not kid ourselves.

But, you know what it is the first time the PS3 slim and PSP go have been sold, so okay technically it is a launch. I mean, ninetendo did it with the 3 renditions of the DS so I guess it's only fair.

Sarcasm4317d ago

"PSP go = PSP with out UMD, why is sony trying to act as if PSP go is a brand new handheld."

Well true, but it's through digital downloads, which is good news for any potential PSP Go buyers (if any)

cryymoar4317d ago

Exactly why Sony said:
"16,000 pieces of digital content will be available for the PSPgo."

They said PSPgo.

STK0264317d ago

most of it is already available. They included TV shows, movies, demos, themes, games, add-ons and wallpapers.

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samoon4317d ago

Damn 16,000 thats a bit too much?

Makes sense if that includes audio/video/themes etc..

Ace_2354317d ago

Damn hellah content for ma psp

Johnny Rotten4317d ago

so will the PSP 1000, 2000, and 3000 all for a cheaper price.

multipayer4317d ago

I wouldn't think so, all psps support these downloadable games. This may be a part of dropping umd and those systems altogether though. Lets just keep an eye on the clearance rack.

Sarcasm4317d ago

Interesting. I remember when the PSP launched, it was lucky to have like 20 pieces of content to buy in stores lol

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