Spawn Kill Review: Bubble Bobble Neo

Spawn Kill's Molotov Cupcake reviews the updated classic puzzle game Bubble Bobble Neo.

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ihaten4glol4323d ago

Bubble Bobble is a classic.

crochetacake4323d ago

Man, I miss playing Bubble Bobble.

tigresa4323d ago

I've actually never played it, score's kind of low to me... But I might see if it was released on DS for a used price to get a feel for the general game. Knowing is half the battle.

rrquinta4323d ago

I love BubbleBobble... I guess this isn't the same version released on WiiWare as I don't have a 360 :(. I do have the classic on VC though... good times :D.

theherp804321d ago

oh man too many terrible memories associated with this game...