Game Console Failure Rates

Aug. 28, 2009 -- SquareTrade analyzed failure rates for over 16,000 new game consoles covered by SquareTrade Care Plans and found that the Wii experienced one-fourth of the common failures that the other systems have.

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Ron_Burgundy4282d ago

flopbox RRoD is a common occurrence

Muthafodder4282d ago

Ditto on the FlopBox...pure RROD

Chubear4282d ago

.. no seriously. After 68% failure rate in the first 18months on the market, MS view this as a win for sure.

user39158004282d ago

If you look at the data only 23.7% were faulty and half of it were due to RROD and it was covered with the warranty and therefore it should of been noted that the failure rates are about 11.6%, same as PS3. However, this are old data from the first 2 years of the gaming console and if you look at the consoles since the Jasper released from MS, then MS its the most reliable console of all three with less than 1% reported issues (fact). By the way 360 its not made in the USA dumb droids its made in China, but MS paid for the hardware distribution. There is no such thing as US made car in the USA for about 12 years now, and they all use spare parts and components made from another country, but assemble in the USA (fact). Now that you know wHat GOd HAS STATED, GO SUCK ON A device that stretches.

nightelfmohawk4282d ago

"Second, Microsoft’s policy may result in an underreporting of failures by Xbox 360 owners to SquareTrade, relative to the other two consoles. Because the RROD problem is so widely known to be covered by Microsoft’s warranty, we believe that more customers bypass SquareTrade and reported failures directly to the Microsoft. In a survey of SquareTrade customers with Xbox 360s conducted by email, SquareTrade found that over half of our customers who experienced a RROD error reported their problem directly to Microsoft without contacting SquareTrade. Email survey respondents tend to be a self-selecting group, so the data should be used directionally rather than definitively, particularly because we did not survey PS3 and Wii owners with the same question. With that caveat in mind, applying the survey data to the analysis shows that the Xbox 360 failure rate could be as high as 35%."

xaviertooth4282d ago

the world knows about 54.2%

xbox 360 it only does RROD!

xaviertooth4282d ago

???: *knock-knock!
ps3: who's there?
???: 54.2%
ps3: lol!

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capital1player4282d ago

the 360 failure rate was like %50

Biggunz4282d ago

Squaretrade is a independent warranty company so they are only seeing a small portion of broken boxes considering M$ has a 3 year warranty.

It's safe to assume that the failure rate of the box is much higher then this.

cmrbe4282d ago

Because it's covered under warrenty. Read the article. I don't know why this article is posted again.

ChozenWoan4282d ago (Edited 4282d ago )

Actually 50% is refering to how many gamers knew someone who has had RROD, not the actual percentage of consoles that have suffered from RROD. It would be nice if MS released the actual numbers so that this debate would be squashed once and for all.

CryWolf4282d ago

More like 55.4% failure Rates with 360.

Real Gambler4282d ago

"we believe that more customers bypass SquareTrade and reported failures directly to the Microsoft. In a survey of SquareTrade customers with Xbox 360s conducted by email, SquareTrade found that over half of our customers who experienced a RROD error reported their problem directly to Microsoft without contacting SquareTrade."

What's interesting though, is the fact that for the PS3, they don't even mention YLoD!!! It probably fall under "other", but still, that's the only thing we hear about in most websites... For sure, based on Square Trade finding, YLoD doesn't look as bad as some articles you can read all over the place! As a proud owner of a day 1 PS3, this thing was starting to get me nervous, but I guess I can sleep thight!

shocky164282d ago (Edited 4282d ago )

Didn't know the PS3's was 10%, hope mine lasts *knocks wood*

Seems like the 360 is much lower then the 54% some people were shouting out.

UNCyrus4282d ago

This is where it pays to read the article... The 21% 360 failure rate was ONLY counting failures that were outside of the 3-year extended warranty... Therefore, NOT RROD within three years or E-74 for that matter.

The one thing that I was confused about was that there was a category where the PS3 had errors for "disk tray". There is no disk tray! Someone explain this?

HolyOrangeCows4282d ago (Edited 4282d ago )

You're trying too hard.
10% is a decent rate for computer related electronics.

This is quite an old article, btw.

Ausbo4282d ago

that 50% rate was a survey from game informer that included 5000 game informer readers. It is a survey that people could easily have lied about, that in no way reflects all of the 360 ownership.

With that said, it is probably closer to 30-33% which is still horrible.

My 360 has rroded once
and my friend is waiting for his 5th in the mail from MS.

However, i continue to play it, for the amazing game library that it has.

Viper74282d ago

Yellow light of death is quite rare malfunction among Ps3 gamers, it has sometimes something to do with overheating or it might be a problem with HDD or the things connecting ps3 to HDD making ps3 unable to read the hdd.

source for YLOD HDD

However discread errors have been sonys problem from days of the ps2, if not from the days of their first cd players. I remember quite a few friends telling me stories about how their portable cd players couldnt read the disks anymore.

source for ps2 discread errors

Sony really needs to fix the lasers of their products as its not really good to see similar defects product after product.

Bathyj4282d ago

Others might be gloating about 35% compared to 10%, but 10% is too high for a company that outputs the quality of Sony. Its good by comparison, but not good enough. I would think and hope they tried to sort alot of stuff out with the slim.

And I resent the phrase Yellow Light of Death, "insert colour" of Death is a registered trademark of Microsoft. Its their biggest exclusive.

evrfighter4282d ago

"And I resent the phrase Yellow Light of Death, "insert colour" of Death is a registered trademark of Microsoft. Its their biggest exclusive."

Well seeing as how M$ stole most of Sony's exclusives. It looks like Sony is out to steal M$'s biggest exclusive.

Real Gambler4282d ago

Don't worry too much about the 10% figure...

Acceptable failure rate in electronic products in 3%. But that's per YEAR... So basically, if you sell 100 microwaves, there's a good chance that 3 of them will fail the first year. Then, even if not as likely, you could expect 2.9 on the second year. Then 2.8 more on the third year.

Now, if I call all 100 owners after 3 years, I will get 9 unhappy people (or 9%). Sure enough, for a microwave, it's much less than that... Yes, 3% will fail the first year (typical electronic component failure, bad assembly, etc), but after that, they will likely last forever, since they only are used a few minutes a day. PC and game consoles are another story though... They get abused... The only other electronic device in your house that get abused more, is likely your tv set. Most home have many, so luckily, hours are split among them. But take a quick survey in your family and friends. Ask 33 of them if they had a TV failure after buying a tv within 1 year, 2 year and 3 years. Out of 33, I'm sure you'll find 1, 2 or even 3! So, sleep thight!

NegativeCreepWA4282d ago

I've never had a RROD, but I've had a lot of consoles die from disc read errors.
1 ps1
3 ps2s
3 xboxs
2 360s
All died from disc read errors. I get a two year warranty with every console I buy for this reason.


11.7% Failure rate and 23.7% for Xbox 360 with RRoD included. Stop spining Microsoft haters you fail.

Mini Mario4281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

Holy crap, almost 1 in 4 ratio failure rate for the 360. And i thought the wii was the inferior console>?

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PimpHandHappy4282d ago

yea right

MS has spent over a billion on RROD with the extended warranty! They have the numbers and THEY KNOW they CAN NOT release em!

CryWolf4282d ago

I think only reasons why people are still getting 360 even with the high failure rates are because it a cheap console and its American made by Microsoft if this was anyother normal company it wouldn't have a chance in hell like the Phantom console.

kyiren4282d ago

Just like the cars here for so many years are crap you may find 1 or 2 that are good but for the most part american cars are crap. just like the 360 made in america with a built in timer to just fail so you have to buy another. thats why i stick with imports they never break down or i should say the % is way lower.

MasterBlaster4282d ago

Xbox 360s are made in China.

CryWolf4282d ago

You know what i mean, 360 was made by MS company first before china started to mass production in facility.

RJ920094282d ago

know what the gamecube ps2 and xbox failure rates are i had 2 gamecube's 2 ps2 and 3 xbox last gen lol this gen 1 ps3 2 wii and 13 360 lol

NotSoSilentBob4282d ago

13? And you went back and got more after the 5th? Im guessing most of those are RROD/Warranty boxes?

RJ920094282d ago

had most of them fixed for free lol but i did buy the red xbox 360 i love red lol o i see i got a disagree lol sad but true 360 hardwere suck's but it has some great game's on it lol

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