Halo 3 Beta Extended

Commenting on the unexpected beta delay for Crackdown users, Bungie have decided to extend the beta for everyone:

"Given the circumstances, we've decided to extend the duration of the Halo 3 Beta from June 6th to June 10th at 11:59 PM PDT. So, you lost almost a full day of play today but to make up for it we're tacking on four more days (and a weekend at that).

We apologize for the delay and hardships this issue has caused and hope that it quickly becomes a distant memory clouded by good times playing Halo 3 with your friends."

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troylazlow4226d ago

them guys are so sweet! 15 hrs = 96 hrs (good deal in my books) Thanks bungie for screwing up and making good on it! I still love you!

gta_cb4225d ago

yeh got to agree, if who ever screwed up didnt, there would prob be know extended beta! =D

Pheneus4226d ago

That works better for me anyways, I was wicked busy today.

Hydrolex4226d ago

I thought this game is Gaylo. But it is Halo. oh im drunk

DrunKao4226d ago

Thank you for f*cking up Bungie!!!!

Bill Gates4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

...And the sheep do as they are told, and just,..follow along. HAHAHAHHA

Did some of you even think for a moment, that all of this hysteria wasn't purposely played out? Some of you really make me sad. M$ already had all these days laid out for you anyway. All they did was offer you less, exclude the whiners for a few hours to cause a commotion, and then PRETEND to be giving you more, and you fools far for it. It's the same ideology with the 360. Wake up!!

[email protected] "BS" Police...You are the ideal candidate for the type I just described. Try and think outside of your little box, and quit sniffing my ASS! Dipshit!

The BS Police4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

Is the fact that a public Beta of this magnitude has never been done before, it's fairly easy to screw up on something like coding, or in your case your inability to post something coherent without trolling like a fanboy.

The funny thing is that regardless, nobody paid for there beta invites, so if Bungie all of a sudden felt like ending the public Beta tommorow, they can.

[email protected] Gates... I'm an ideal candidate of what?

The fact that I don't post comments here just to flame other users, if you wanna accuse others of something, look in the mirror, your the one maing outrages comments that hold no merit, they are just fanboy trash that contain little to no facts.

Quit while you're ahead, otherwise you will lose your bubble.

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The story is too old to be commented.