The Naughty Dogs take U2 advertising to Europe, first stop UK

Gamesthirst writes: Sony Computer Entertainment know when they have a winner on their hands, and will stop at nothing to let the world know about it. In recent days, the Naughty Dog team took to the road and rallied across the states promoting their upcoming game Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The tour, a collaboration with Best Buy was dubbed "The Best Buy Holiday Entertainment Kick-off." But the advertising didn't stop there, apparently the United States was just the beginning.

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eagle214319d ago

Game Critics Awards 2009
Best of Show
Best Console Game
Best Action/Adventure Game

Gamescom 2009 Awards
Best Console Game

IGN E3 2009 Awards
PS3 Game of Show
Best Overall Graphics Technology
Best PS3 Graphics Technology
Best PS3 Action Game
Best PS3 Multiplayer Experience
PS3 Achievement for Technical Excellence
Review: 9.5/10

IGN AU E3 2009 Awards
Best Game of E3

GameSpot E3 2009 Awards
Best Graphics
Best PS3 Game E3 2009 Awards
Game of Show
Best PS3 Game

X-Play E3 2009 Awards
Game of Show
Best PS3 Game

GameSpy E3 2009
Best PS3 Game

GameTrailers E3 2009 Awards
Best Third-Person Shooter
Best Graphics

GamesRadar E3 2009 Awards
Most Surprisingly Awesome Demo
Review: 10/10

Official PlayStation Magazine (US) 5/5
PSM3 (France) 21/20

97% on game rankings
all HATERS be damned :)

Simon_Brezhnev4319d ago

lol i wonder how the fanboys going to spin facts

droid and bot4319d ago

all those awards
and its not even out

deadreckoning6664318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

@eagle- Thats a tough call. If I recall IGN gave Fallout 3 GOTY even when GTA4 AND MGS4 got HIGHER SCORES. Id wait ta see what happens later on in the year cause I hear that Mass Effect 2 will be making an appearance in 2009.

Also, Id play the game first before jumping to GOTY. Many critics will deem it GOTY but it may not be YOUR or MY GOTY. Example: GTA4 got TENS across the board and recieved GOTY from most critics, yet many hardcore gamers thought it was crap after buying it.

eagle214318d ago

LittleBigPlanet won AIAS GOTY. :)

jjohan354318d ago

I'm glad. Sony really needs to boost their marketing and it seems like they're starting to get the ball rolling in that department.

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Hercules4319d ago

best buy/uncharted event...oh well..pease Arne, do well!!!

tdrules4318d ago

please stop abbreviating it to U2

deadreckoning6664318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

"@deadreckoning...The AIAS is the official industry GOTY award. :)
LittleBigPlanet won AIAS GOTY. :)"

Ummm...says who?? Ur saying that AIAS's opinion, is "better" than IGN, Gamespot, 1up, Gametrailers, Destructoid, Gamespy, Gamesradar? Or are u mentioning it because it gave it a PS3 exclusive GOTY? How do u have the ignorance to say that ONE opinion is better than all the rest?

If AIAS is ultimately "all that matters" why did you mention all those other critics in your first post? Ur contradicting yourself...

cemelc4318d ago

Cos is added bonus to the real game of the year award???

eagle214318d ago

And if you think you can dispute the AIAS, you are sad. DEVELOPERS and the top industry professionals comprise the AIAS. Educate yourself:

jjohan354318d ago

Ignored by 41. 'nuff said.

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