Halo 3 Beta Graphics Tour

Bungie has stressed that the beta is only an early preview of the game, which means that the development team is still working on the graphics and gameplay elements. That didn't stop Gamespot from taking a few screenshots to see how the current graphics compare to Halo 2, but please keep in mind that these shots of the beta do not reflect the final game.

In the article, the default images are Halo 2 unless otherwise stated. Mouse over each image to see the Halo 3 comparison or alternate view shot. Gamespot maintained a widescreen aspect ratio for the cropped Halo 2 shots, but they had to revert to the 4:3 aspect ratio for their full-screen Halo 2 images because running the game at 720p on the Xbox 360 only produced a stretched out image.

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MoonDust4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Can't wait to see what the graphics look like when they finish polishing it. Last picture showing the water looks sick.

The General4476d ago

i'm not going to suck up to Bungie just because Halo 1 and 2 were great. I want Halo 3 to be great to, so until i see something that tells me this game is going to be great, i won't be impressed.

MoonDust4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

In no way is your comment related to mine, don't know why you are responding to it.

The General4476d ago

a suck up. Anything that happens, even when its bad, you suckup hard to microsoft or Bungie and won't let them improve what definitely should be improved. You, my friend, are a shame to gamers.

MoonDust4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

You need to get off that cloud nine. All i said was that it looks better than H2 in every way. You are talking about not being impressed until you see something great and something about sucking them. You are responding with comments that don't make sense.

power of Green 4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

You seem so anti MS in "all" your posts its hard to believe you even own any of their products you seem so unhappy with "Xbox" why even bother?. All one has to do is read your post history.

#1.4 you're right his response does not make any sense, it's more Venting his disstaste and/or trust more then anything. I think you're just his scape goat or excuse to diss the game without looking like an complete Sony fanboy or a half hearted Xbox exceptor(Not rabbid but has somewhat of a open mind).

#3 WTF are you talking about?, you base all this from the Beta demo of Multi player?, the devs said this thing is going to be stellar(Massive amounts of bad guys, Out of this world AI, Graphics that they will try to push close to the Halo 3 annoucment). Same exact engine as Halo 2? LLLOOOOOLLLL Whatever. It's called the "Halo 3 Engine", not the Halo 2 Engine.

The General4476d ago

Before is started commenting on this site i read comments and learned that those who make rash comments that are very biased will end up with as many bubbles as you have. After i learned that, i decided that no matter what, my comments won't lean strongly towards one console unless it was politically correct. Now i think you should take some notes because as a gamer, we should all want the developers to bring the best out of each game, and if they do nothing to drstically improve a game, should we still be content and keep our mouths shut? I don't know about you but i won't because both the 360 and ps3 have a lot of potential but if the developers don't take advantage of the conosoles' power, what are the gamers pay for?

Make an unbiased comment POG and maybe you'll get to 3 bubbles.

MoonDust4476d ago

All i did was point out the obvious.

WilliamRLBaker4476d ago

that on this site, it doesn't matter how much drivle you post or how many well thought out amazingly logical posts you post, The fanboys will gang rape your bubbles because they can, because the bubble system is in no way monitored, there are hardly even moderators on the main site, and the forums are dead....why else do so many fanboyish and badly grammar, and edited news posts get approved?

Face it halo 3 looks 10x better then halo 2 even in beta, any one whom doesn't think so wears fanboy goggles.

dantesparda4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Damn you got low standards kid, if you think it looks "10X" better. You're the one sounding like a fanboy. The graphics look pretty weak for the expectations, period!

I just hope that the single player game looks good

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Satans Cousin4476d ago

I once heared that you would be able to tell if your spartan took dammage by the marks on his suit,like chipped and scratched alloy,like burnout game where it looks cool,they should have done that.

The General4476d ago

I hope thats not a rumor.

dominusbellum4475d ago

are you referring to the interview when the first halo 3 trailer came out and he was walking through the sand b/c i am pretty sure they are just going to show his mjolnir mark v all beaten up from halo 2 and then he will get a mark 6(probably) and they will be gone i don't think that it will be noticeable on multiplayer

BitbyDeath4476d ago

They just shouldn't have based it off the Halo 2 engine and rather should have created a whole new engine for nextgen gaming.

Sure it'll still be fun but this is meant to be Xbox's number 1 title, they should be pushing the game more, i gotta admit the seeing weapons actually on people thing is cool. But the rest of the game has been barely improved upon.

And no i don't care about the X button, it's a small addition that won't add too much to the overall value of the game

Drew4475d ago

What? The Halo 3 engine was built from scratch...

Stiffler2034476d ago

All those who are looking for GOW type graphics your going to be disappointed. From what I hear theres not that much of a difference from Halo 2. But who gives a sh!t its all about game play not graphics. But Bungie did say that the single player campaign would look much better then the Multiplayer.

WilliamRLBaker4476d ago

with that you can easily tell that halo 3 looks better then halo 2.

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