Gamereactor (Norway) : Motorstorm: Artic Edge Review

Richard Imenes "Head over tired of sitting and offline play, it is possible to go on the big internet and find some games comrades.It has also the ad hoc mode for the two times you happen to be near someone else who owns both a PSP and the MotorStorm game.There, you and five other players choose between twelve tracks and a couple of modes.Not quite large, in other words - but it may well give a few hours entertainment, if you manage to find someone else to play with."

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MasterBlaster4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

What's up with all the different gamereactors? I've never even heard of them.

jack who4328d ago

do we really need a million review from the same site?

TheColbertinator4328d ago

They are reviews written from different branches from different writers.

And no you don't have to.

jack who4328d ago

kinda doesnt help when you see the front page covered with a review of the same game same reviewing site but different country

PS3Freak4328d ago

Great game, check out my still pending user review of this game.

xg-ei8ht4327d ago

THe new scoring system for anything sony, from gamereactors is an 8.