Mass Effect 2: Bioware Reveals A New 'B*tch' Character

Posting on a public forum, a Bioware writer claims to 'personally utterly loathe' the newly revealed Subject Zero character in Mass Effect 2, but goes on to explain that this is because the character has realistic traits that he despises in people whom he knows in real life.

He goes on to explain that the goal of designing the characters in Mass Effect 2 is to have personalities that you'll either love, or hate.

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qwertyuiopasdfghjkl4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Space Hitler sounds pretty funny. But... what if?


The-Director4318d ago

I don't like the character because i feel she's very fake and over the top and that Bioware forced her in to attract certain demographic.

We see this all the time in movies "Angelina Jolie in tomb raider or wanted" and i really don't like such characters.

SevWolf4318d ago

Before I watched the video, I thought you were over exxagerating...after watching the vid. Icompletely agree with you.
Unless this character changes, evolves etc... I don't see her as a good character. I'm currently playing through the first one, and I'm loving it, a lot of the characters are very well written, but THIS one.....but I won't let this stand in the way of my hype, we haven't seen anything of the character so, you never know. I just hope she doesn't turn out to be a cliche character like the one in WET

Tony P4317d ago

It's a Bioware RPG. She's going to undergo development.

jimbone4317d ago

@ SevWolf Wait till the end of ME1 it is EPIC I loved that game and cannot wait for this one.

Foxgod4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Looks fine to me, Fiction is also the only place where i can like someone who i generally hate, because a game isnt personal.

The characters dont try to mess with the player, and you can always imagine that the characters in the game, that are on your side, no matter how terrible of a person they are, would never mess with you.

So i cant see how you can dislike a fictional character, since theres so many things you can fill in yourself, while in real life all you can do is deal with whats in front of you.

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