Icrontic: NVIDIA Responds to Claim That AMD is Punishing Gamers. Denial, of Course

Two days ago, TweakTown ran a story that claimed NVIDIA accused AMD of punishing gamers by pushing out DirectX 11 too quickly. NVIDIA responds with a rebuttal that basically states, "We didn't say that!"

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Nihilism4326d ago

it did sound un-nvidia like so i guess it's more of a pre-emptive strike from ati, let the games begin!

Cliff Forster4325d ago

Either NVIDIA has a rouge PR agency that does these things on their own so NVIDIA's heads can maintain plausible deniability when they get called out on something, or they flat lied, or TweakTown is just making up a story, any way you slice it, somebody is up to something dirty.

Trouble here is TweakTown is not coming out and clearly saying "We had a good dependable source". TweakTown obviously can protect its source, they need not reveal it, but they should be able to say, "I checked it, and its accurate", frankly their backpedaling makes them look bad. Its a shame because many of us initially praised them for how they handled the situation by letting the competitor field the questions.

This should be interesting next week.