NOWGamer Xbox360 Preview: Just Cause 2

Sometimes up, sometimes down, but always around...
In Hollywood there's a tried and tested approach when making an action movie sequel – throw money at it, make the explosions bigger, the stunts more daring and the dialogue cheesier. While we certainly don't condone the practice, it's also a formula that tends to be employed in the videogame industry; in fact, we've lost count of the number of FPS follow-ups that offer more of the same, with little – or none – of the charm evident in earlier outings.

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FragMnTagM4324d ago

The only complaint about the first game for me would have to be the lack of variety in the missions and controlling the character sometimes was not very easy. Other than that Just Cause was a great game, huge, and beautiful. Looks like number 2 is stepping up to the plate to really improve upon an already decent game.