How to Remove the Ticker in FW 3.00

One of the many issues that people have been having with the fairly recent firmware 3.00, for the PS3, is that there is too much forced advertisements, such as that ticker in the new status bar. Many people have wished Sony had made a way to turn that ticker off. Now there is a way. A smart chap over at the official Playstation forums has found out a way of how to turn off that pesky ticker. Here are his words:

"what you do is change your date and time settings to the future, like changing the year from 2009 to 2010, then restart your ps3 and feast your eyes on a tickerless XMB"

Pretty simple and it works. Enjoy your Tickerless XMB!"


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WildArmed4329d ago

I really dont find the ticker so annoying. It doesnt really do anything to detract from the PS experience.

I mean do words scrolls to the top right of your screen hurt your brain that much? yeah.. that would i thought too ^^

I rather like keeping my ps3 date synced online.

randomwiz4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

I thought the ticker was one of the best parts about the update...

but anyways... i though you could turn the ticker on/off, like you could the old one

guess not?

Marceles4329d ago

Yeah the ticker is fine, I wish I can get rid of the friend online/offline notifications though. Now that's annoying

TheBand1t4329d ago

Go to Settings and go into System Settings. There's an option to turn off the notification messages.

BLuKhaos4328d ago

I agree.When I'm in the XMB my eyes are always focused on what's in the middle of the screen, I never notice the ticker unless I look for it.

f7897904328d ago

Make the first icon the game. Right below that, the PS store. I don't want to know what's new every time I turn my ps3 on. Once a week is good enough.

WildArmed4328d ago

You can turn off What's New at Startup if you goto System Settings i think.

Mine always boots up in the Game tab, pointing to the Disc.
(note: I have auto-disc boot off)

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Dom63904329d ago

There has neva been a ticker on my ps3 even with 3.00 loaded! ?

edwineverready4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

My ticker does not have the text. my us and jap account do have it weird?

marcindpol4328d ago

same here and you know why?, for some reason all PAL region users have the ticker turned off.
i am happy with that:)

MaximusPrime4329d ago

i like ticker. i dont find it annoying.

Peter North4329d ago

Destructoid will now be known as Desfloptoid.

Feral Gamer4329d ago

So why screw up your PS3's date? It would put an incorrect timestamp on your saves and what not. Would it affect other software such as PSN downloads? I dunno, I haven't researched it. If you don't like the ticker, then put a game in and viola! No ticker, just a sweet gaming experience.

ElementX4329d ago

I don't think it would mess up anything, however you never know. I don't mind the ticker, personally

WildArmed4329d ago

only ur saved data will have weird dates. Your trophies, psn download dates etc etc are all linked with the internet, so they will show the correct time n date

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