x360a: The Beatles: Rock Band Review

x360a writes: "British rockers, The Beatles, are true testaments to the phrase that "music is timeless." 49 years ago, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr formed The Fab Four in Liverpool, England and along with it changed the face of music for years to come. Never really sticking to a genre, The Beatles dabbled with folk music, psychedelic rock and really gave progressive rock the boost it needed to become mainstream. Here we are now, 28 number one hits and one billion units sold later, and Harmonix, MTV Games and EA are able to tell the story of the Fab Four in what is the true Beatles experience, The Beatles: Rock Band.

As the name suggests the game is essentially Rock Band with The Beatles music. Go figure! However, the game has been suitably changed to fit in with everything The Beatles stood for, and that includes renaming the traditional Rock Band "Overdrive" feature to "Beatlemania," and including three part vocal harmonies..."

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