GamePro Germany shares new GTA IV details

A few months before it starts wreaking havoc on the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Sony PlayStation 3,Grand Theft Auto IV details have already begun circulating throughout the gaming community. A lot is already known, but GamePro Germany has a little bit more to add. Check these out and see if any of these details ring a bell:

1. Multiple animations when breaking into cars- Rather than the usual punch-and-throw animation, Rockstar says that there will be several more realistic scenes witnessed when Niko tries to hop aboard a vehicle he intends to steal. This includes breaking the window open with an elbow shot and looking to check for potential witnesses while he hotwires a car.

2. Less unrealistic gameplay bells and whistles- Developers say that unrealistic markers and arrows will be minimized and other in-game devices will be employed to give direction to players. Do we smell GPS here?

3. Every street will have a name- Developers are still deliberating on the prospect of whether or not they should give every street a name which will be displayed onscreen when you enter it. Another issue which we already know of is still undecided: Whether or not the city will be fully accessible from the beginning or not.

4. Xbox 360 vs PS3- Dan Houser of Rockstar says that the idea is to not have any hint of bias towards any of the platforms. He says there won't be any differences between the versions for each console.

5. Downloadable extras- Rockstar reveals that there will be some freebies, but there will be some things you have to pay for too.

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The General4483d ago

you're telling me after releasing that statement that the 360 is limiting the ps3, that in the end both versions will be equal?

Not sure, but i guess that's good news for both consoles. No difference means you'll just have to get it for your system of preference. So much for ps3 being better than 360.

Bathyj4483d ago

Isn't it obvious they are going to cater to (how can I put this without pissing the guys off. I probably can't.) the machine with the smallest disc space and the machine that isn't guaranteed to have a HD in it. (C'mon that not bashing, its as diplomatic as I can be.)

This is the problem with multiplatform games this gen. From the beginning in the design process they would say "1 DVD, that as big as this game can be." Somone might say hey, we should all these sewer tunnels in. It give you another way to travel around the city.
"Will it make the game over 9GB?"
"Then we cant do it."

Maybe later some will say "We have this really cool streaming technique. It allows for worlds, three times the size with double the detail and No loading from one end to the other. The only thing is, textures and other assets have to be cached on the HD for quick access."
"Um but this is a multiplatform game and not all Xboxes have Hard Drives, so no. You cant do that."

I'm not flaming people, or saying PS3 is better than Xbox. I'm saying PS3 has advantages in some areas just like Xbox does in others. In this case with this kind of game I see the PS3 version being unfairly crippled in the same way that a group of people who move in a large pack will go slower for the stragglers. (Eww you're not going to like that are you? Give me a break, I'm trying to not be insulting or condesending about this.)

And if this senario doesn't exist already it will in the very near future. GTA is exactly the kind of game that could show what PS3 is capable of. This of a wide open world with the physics of halflife 2. Varied and unquie AI. Never seeing the same character model twice. 100's of different vehicles. I have so many ideas for this game.

Call me fanboy if you must just because I have a preference but at least think about it. Do you think the original Halo would have been as good if they made it so it could run on PS2 and Xbox? It was developed for PC originally and when they choose a console they had to go with the most powerful one.

Robotz Rule4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

No differences!

I'm getting it for my Xbox 360 since I'll be picking up many other PS3 games,and I'm only gonna pick up a hanful of 360 games.

Edit:Who disagreed?I am buying the 360 version along with Halo 3 and more 360 games

btkadams4483d ago

ive decided i dont care about gta4 news anymore. i want to play it before i read anymore crap about it. or maybe see it in action.

lil bush4483d ago

well those are some nice features......

tehcellownu4483d ago

He is tryin to sell the game!!....He was complaining about the lack of hard drive and dvd9 space..and now he dont want to be bias.I guess he dont want to make it seem like the 360 is holdin them back.Because a lot of PS3 owners would be piss off...Ill be buyin the PS3 version anyways..I have my PSP to use with it..

MoonDust4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

Oblivion will never fit one.

The General4483d ago

not sure which version i'll be getting. Since Rockstar keeps changing there mind, i'll wait to official word comes out a week before the release on which version will have what

Coffin874483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

i think this too.
if they say their goal is to have no difference between the versions.. hell, how many damn textures and everything could they pack on a bluray??
this is annoying.. i hope we hear some concrete information about this in the next months...

EDIT: hm power of Green is probably going to ignore me ...

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