x360a: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Review

x360a writes: "It's a tricky thing when green-lighting a sequel that the original development team won't be around for. This goes for any medium, but maybe most importantly for a video game. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 has fallen into this trap, but only slightly. With original developer Raven Software too busy working on the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie tie-in game to take the helm of this sequel, publisher Activision turned to developer Vicarious Visions. Luckily they are very familiar with the franchise, having ported many of the instalments to handheld systems. The only question now is, can they hold their own on the big stage?

The story in this sequel focuses on two recent storylines from the actual Marvel comic book universe. The prologue mission puts you in the middle of the Secret War waged by Nick Fury against Latveria. However, the meat of the game focuses on the Civil War storyline, in which legislation is passed that will force anyone with a superpower to register with the government, give up their secret identity and train to properly use their powers before being put into the field. Obviously this works in theory, especially for younger heroes, but many of the old-school heroes are not buying it..."

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