Why Nintendo Evangelists Matter

Information Arbitrage recently raised an important question recently,

"Which is better - spreading your product gospel through slick marketing campaigns or having your own customers doing the talking for you?"

Basically the article teams Nintendo and Apple together against Microsoft and Sony in their style of gaining and keeping customer support.

Here is another excerpt from the article,

"Nintendo and Apple products are being effectively pushed by evangelists. Sure, slick advertising augments these more organic efforts, but make no mistake: in general, people that own Apple products love them and talk about them. Frequently. The same with Nintendo and the Wii. I just can't get people to shut up about these products. But I can't say the same for Microsoft and Sony, notwithstanding how cool or slick their graphics are or how many features and functions their consoles have. Either I don't know the people that are the evangelists (notwithstanding the fact that I know dozens of people that have the Xbox 360 and the PS3, yet never evangelize to me about them) or they are just not into spreading the gospel. And this is a problem. And raises risk. The holy grail is to have millions of evangelists out there pounding the pavement for you, completely unpaid. They are the best sales, marketing and PR force money can't buy."

Quite an interesting point of view.

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