17 Year Old's Halo Render Work Rivals Bungie's

Split-Screen: "Martin Ball is 17 years old. He lives in Stoke-on-trent, Mid-lands in the United Kingdom. He also happens to be a highly gifted graphics artist who created high polygon, low polygon, wire-frames etc. for some of the most famous weapons and vehicles in the Halo-verse. These range from the good ol' fashioned Assault Rifle from Halo: Combat Evolved to the silenced SMG of Halo 3: ODST; from Halo 3's Hornet to…Halo 3's Elephant and Scarab. In terms of 'faithful renditions', these look virtually indistinguishable from from Bungie's work."

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Sunny_D5378d ago

Pretty cool for a 17 year old, but let's see him make full environments? Or character models?

thesummerofgeorge5378d ago

This is pretty cool. It's not breaking news, but a story about a talented young fan, I don't see the problem.

chaosatom5378d ago

It means that Bungie needs to step it up a couple of notches.

gaffyh5378d ago

He's modeled them pretty well, everything needs textures really, because the clay render doesn't do the model justice imo. However, we need to see wireframes to see how many polys/tris each model is, to see if this quality of work is viable for console, and looks like too much polys to me.

My stuff is hundreds of thousands of polys sometimes, and it just would not be possible on console this gen. Maybe not even next gen.

menoyou5378d ago

Environments aren't much harder to do than these models, especially not the environments Bungie makes which look last gen. Bungie is just an amateur developer that's why even amateurs can rival their work.

Hoolock5378d ago

Im currently on a game design course and close to half the people on the course can create stuff that looks just as good as this. The art to been a good model and texture artist is the ability to get it to run in an engine.
Well done on the good work no doubt it is very nice but please people above me don't take this as a sign of bungie's inability to create great art as bungie have to work in engine.

gaffyh5378d ago

@1.5 - That's pretty much what I was trying to say as well. I agree with you. :)

evrfighter5378d ago

you guys need to get out of n4g more. If you've seen what the pc modding community can do this would be "meh"

starvinbull5378d ago

Nothing wrong with this. At 17 it'll be good practice for the lad who will no doubt go far with ease. Which major developer will snap him up in a few of years time I wonder

PinkUni5378d ago

have you guys even been on deviant art?

people make this kind of stuff all the time, and its usually the younger crowd in their late teens and early 20s

but then you have to remember that this person is also copying the halo style. designing your own weapons and actually making it so people don't think they look like crap is very hard to do, which is why so many people just go with the "military shooter" type games so they don't have to spend too much time on design.

you guys are giving this guy way too much credit

someone said "It means that Bungie needs to step it up a couple of notches." even as a joke thats kinda dumb

you're pretty much denying all of the work into technical programing
bungie has to do.

jadenkorri5378d ago

he will never get a job in the industry, he be lucky if he did, he may be talented, but modifying/copying known works is pointless, these models can be easily ripped off the disc. I have Zelda from twilight princess, all FFX characters and some FFX12, let alone you can just dl them off the net if you know were to look. I've loaded them into 3DS Max just to see them. If you ask any graphic/3D artist, not one will ever tell you he got a job copying other works, even if credit is given, the original author can sue your a$$. I graduated from a 3D course, it was a mix between game development and 3D animations. Anyone with time on there hands can model those weapons, but its those who have their own artistic ideas and create their own that gets those jobs, not someone who can model someone Else's work. This is a 17 year old kid, who probably hasn't learned about copyright laws when dealing with artistic works.

Highwayman5378d ago

Lets see you make any of that art.

Tiberium5378d ago

people need to chill a bit. He made these on a PC so it's obviously going to look better than on 5 year old hardware (360). No to mention using the aging halo 3 engine. I'm sure reach will be gorgeous though.

2Spock5378d ago

The kid has talent no doubt, but he is copying models already. Lets see him make a model on a strict deadline with major pressure and your job depends on it.

PinkUni5378d ago

thats a stupid response

that's like saying "lets see you bake a pie"
obviously since i cant make pies, people who make pies are geniuses

ps3d05378d ago

Its nothing to make you go WOW over but its still very good. The level of detail he put in those models had take him forever. I doubt anyone on this site realize how long it take to do something like that.

if you really want to see some amazing stuff try cgtalk

RememberThe3575378d ago

The kid is seventeen, get off his back...

He'll do fine once he gets formal training under his belt. And to claim that he could get a job in the industry is ridiculous. Just becasue this is al that you have seen does not mean this is all that he has done.

I give the kid props, good job partner.

SixZeroFour5378d ago

i agree with 1.3, 1.5 and all the others that know what it takes to make games

sure, many ppl amature or not, with or without experience can eventually make a fanatistic looking model with a hell of a lot of polys, but as an experiences modeler with experience in game design, they no how to make the best looking model, using the least amount of polys to look as well as a high poly model

the thing that usually differs in the way of how good a model looks is not exactly how many polys it has, but what kind of texture is applied

you can make a very convincing crate by just using a box and applying a very convincing crate face texture and it would make you think that it had more than 6 polys

THAT is the difference between a normal modeler and a video game modeler

IaMs125377d ago

That awesome i wish i could do stuff like this. He should mod PC games that would be sweet.

I dont see why everybody is dissing Halo 3 graphics i think they are awesome, of course old but still look great. I still do think they need to up it on Reach and you know they will since they have a new engine.

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Peter North5378d ago

We are not surprised, I believe I read somewhere that Halo 3 was a combination of Microsoft Paint and Windows Movie Maker.

Pandamobile5378d ago

Okay, so he re-made some Halo weapons?

There's nothing really special about any of this.