AV Club: Need For Speed: Shift Review

A boot is the irritating metal claw that immobilizes cars; a reboot hopefully puts them back in motion. After a good run as the dominant videogame racing series, EA's Need For Speed franchise was rebooted in 2003 to emphasize then-fashionable illegal street racing and sandbox gameplay. But the flashy street style dulled, and EA's Burnout series did open-world racing quite well. So Need For Speed: Shift reboots the series once more. It's back to basics: closed tracks and hardcore racing.

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Smootherkuzz4318d ago

This the game needs a can of Raid bug douche, from the bad graphics to the freeze ups and lets not forget the old game save that just suddenly be completely gets deleted after playing for hours and a day. what the f!!! are they thinking releasing this crap after all the build up for this version they release trash, now they can fix this but the flame has died out, who wants this now not knowing when your game save is going to be is my list I'm sure there is more but this is want I have found:
1. the flag girl at the start of race is standing in the rear of the car on some cars before the race starts. how can this not have been seen by the testers?
2. constant lock ups happens at anytime during play.
3. game save deleted while playing NFS Live World Tour after the 3rd series and the game locks up console and you see a gray screen with black strips in it when you restart the console the game save file is gone and the game starts over like you never played the game before, what the f!!!.

Daves4318d ago

I have both ShIfT and DiRT 2 and I'm playing D2 sooo much more, SHIfT seems kinda boring in comparison... and v bug ridden.