Halo 3 Via Crackdown Being Fixed In 3-6 Hours.

Frankie: We're happy to finally announce that the issues being faced with the Halo 3 beta and Crackdown will be resolved shortly. The Microsoft team has found a solution and it's undergoing final testing now. Assuming the test pass goes according to plan, the fix will come in the form of a Crackdown title update within the next three to six hours.
We understand many of you were eagerly awaiting your chance to jump into the Halo 3 Beta and this technical issue has put a damper on your plans. Thankfully the fix is incoming and we're sincerely sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Ultimately we hope this will all soon be a distant memory once you pick up the Spartan Laser, launch yourself from a Mancannon and enjoy online shenanigans with your friends.
As a reminder, people who already have the Halo 3 Beta are unaffected by this issue.
We'll keep you posted as soon as we have more information.

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Droidbro5237d ago

general not a dup story idiot.

oh yeah, woo-hoo!!1

xeon1215237d ago

any idea on a uk time from from when this was posted in the u.s

BrotherSic5237d ago

very early thursday morning, probably around 5 - 6 am

candystop5237d ago

Does the beta work on any copy of crackdown or only specially marked boxes? I have the download on my screen where it says to try back later and need some help from somebody please!

shotty5237d ago

Any copy of crackdown, just wait for another 3 to 5 hours for the crackdown update to come out

HyperBear5237d ago

Everyone that has a copy of Crackdown and are using it to play Halo 3 beta will not be able to until Xbox Live and Bungie fix the servers and make the update for Crackdown via Xbox Live. However, If anyone was picked by Bungie and got a code from them, or is someone won in that "Rule of Three" contest, and got a code from there, then this doesnt affect them, since they have been playing sort of a closed beta Halo 3 since Monday. But it wasnt until today that the beta was supposed to be open to the public, but now that it has been delayed, the few ppl who got a code, are enjoying it by themselves. LUCKY BASTARDS. lol.

P.S. its great to be back on this site again, i missed it. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.