Worthplaying: NHL 2K10 Review

Worthplaying writes: "2K Sports' NHL 2K10 is a game of comparisons. It's unavoidable. If 2K10 were the only NHL-licensed title available for Xbox 360 this year, we'd be talking about how much improved the title is over previous years' efforts, how solid and well-rounded the track selection in 2K Beats, how thrilling the game-opening animations, how much the controls have been improved, how much fun it is to play one-on-one or, online, six-on-six. How fantastic it is they built in support not only for four-player co-op offline, but an entire team, including the goalie, in the online co-op mode. We'd commend the game's strengths and gently point out what we'd like to see changed in next year's version."

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