Why you should not buy a PS3

Hello people, the, Why you should not buy a (insert game, console, or accessory here) series continues with the PS3.

This series is dedicated to showing the public the down sides of everything, because nothing is perfect! So here is why you should not buy a PS3

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mrv3214325d ago

However PSN is lacking many features that the competition has, such as Cross-Game Voice chat and Custom music in all games

The bit at the end has nothing to do with PSN and I'd gladly trade in-game music for lagless dedicated servers.

hould you go out and buy a Playstation 3 right now, unless bought used, yours would not have Backwards compatibility. This is a major let down for Playstation 2 owners who plan on upgrading, being unable to play PS2 games on the PS3 forces you to have both consoles. This feature is in all other consoles, so it makes you wonder why it’s not in the PS3.

Nope last I checked the core doesn't play xbox games ;) Also last I checked doesn't all PS3's play ALL psone games? I believe that was poor research

This is not so much of a problem as it was before, but it is still a noticeable issue. Multiplatform games on the Playstation 3 still do not meet the quality of multiplatform games on the Xbox 360 and the PC, suffering from weaker graphics, frame rate, and loading times. As it stands now, the difference is minimal, but still noticeable.

If you really cared for the 0.05% difference any PS3/360 has you wouldn't even bother with consoles because no matter how good a console multiplat is the PC is 10x better.

Peter North4325d ago

Good article, it clearly outlines the reasons why the Ps3 is better than the 360.

Nike4325d ago

It's titled "Why you SHOULDN'T Buy" one.

Weird (and stupid) of the author.

jidery4325d ago

People dont realize that this blog is not biased, we have done this for every other console. Over 13 reports and rising.

gamesR4fun4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

such is the mature of the beast i still remember reading your 360 one so ill approve this 2

popcorn anyone?

edit just a couple small things about the article while im here.

"games on the Playstation 3 still do not meet the quality of multiplatform games on the Xbox 360 and the PC, suffering from weaker graphics, frame rate, and loading times. As it stands now, the difference is minimal, but still noticeable."

I dont think this is true at all as always its up to the devs to use the ps3 properly... If u need me to i can list a few multiplats than are better on the ps3.

"Its just not considered cool to own a PS3 in this day and age."


dktxx24325d ago

theres no point to your articles. its flame bait, nothing more.

gamesR4fun4325d ago


sigh i miss when we used to b able to edit our post whenever we wanted.

n ya this can b considered flamebait but really read the why you shouldn't buy and 360 one written by the same dude n tel me why this shouldn't b approved?

jus sayin...

Nike4325d ago

Concerning point 1, yes, the PS3 lacks features inherent in the competition like cross-game chat (though i think read some where about it's introduction in the near future) but it's also free of charge. It has plenty of classic PSOne games for download. The shortcomings also vary from fan to fan - if they decide that not having custom music is no big loss, then it's not for them. And they're happy. No point trying to get them to NOT be happy about it.

Point 2: Could you please list some games that have graphical issues? I'm not saying they're not out there (Orange Box, for instance, which also has several multiplayer issues) but it'd be nice if you gave examples. Makes it seems less like you're making stuff up.

Point 3: I don't remember the Wii being backwards compatible with GCN games. And the 360 has had backwards compatibility issues since it's release. A PS3 may have lost that ability but removing it also made the system cheaper. I've already own a PS2 and had fun with those great games like Kingdom Hearts 2 and Grandia III - now I want a PS3, and it's cheaper because I lose the ability to play PS2 games on it. For me, that's not, and never will be, an issue.

Point 4: As if I care what people think about which console I like and don't like. If that were the case, I would have skipped out on the Dreamcast and missed so many wonderful games for it. I wouldn't have gotten a Sega Saturn and discovered many new things about Sonic, thanks to Sonic Jam, including the Sonic Anime (keep in mind this was when Sonic was still good) or the numerous artworks and wallpapers you couldn't find on the net at that time.

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Bodyboarder_VGamer4325d ago

mmmmmm, eeeehhhh, why not? $300, bluray, integrated wi-fi, best exclusives, reliable, free online... I mean, it is hard to find excuses to not buy one.

The funny thing is that I see the free PSN as pro while this article is stating it as a con.

What's the purpose of these articles?: Why shouldn't you buy an X360 or a Wii, a PS3, a PC, etc... I just don't understand. Is this suppose to be funny? Because informative is not...

Nelson M4325d ago

Because your a BoT
And you live in Hickville or Thicko Town or Welfare State

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