TGS 09' - Four new Bad Company 2 Screens

ConnectedConsoles: We love screenshots. Especially brilliant, atmospheric screenshots, and today EA have released new screens of their upcoming modern warfare FPS, Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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DavidMacDougall4325d ago

Thats the caption to one of the pics ^

I don't get that? Look at the massive improvement in graphics and the engine (TGS trailer) yet BFBC2 has catching up? MW2 looks the same as 1st!!

Bad Company 2 > Modern Warfare ( BF Probably costs less too)

Pandamobile4325d ago

Yeah, Battlefield: Bad Company looks way better than MW2.

spektical4325d ago

agreed. MW2 just has some graphic upgrades but not too noticeable. However, BFBC2 just looks way superior in graphics content against BFBC. The thing will keep the BFBC series going is the destructability factor. I love how now u can make smaller holes before you collapse the whole wall making lots of new cover points :D. This game is gonna be beastly.

jjohan354325d ago

I just like the gameplay in Bad Company much more than in MW. Kill after kill in MW with no strategy involved.

sak5004325d ago

Great series loved it when it first surfaced on pc circa 2002 as BF:1942. Only newbies dont like these kind of games and prefer cod series. The BF started the whole online MP FPS genre. And that too with upto 64 players. I remember playing the game on my 56k modem with so much lag but luckily the broadband service was introduced after sometime so i got the dsl.