TGS 09: What I didn't like about Final Fantasy XIII

Destructoid writes:

"For everything we loved about the playable demos of Final Fantasy XIII at this year's Tokyo Game Show, there was bound to be a few things that didn't jive with us. Nothing's perfect, as they say.

Square Enix's next big thing is shaping up to be great, but we had a few gripes after our demo sessions this week. I will say now that I don't think that any of these below listed items are deal breakers. Even though we've only seen three demos of the game since it's announcement, I think it's safe to say that Final Fantasy XIII will be a pretty solid game.

They haven't shown us what the odd sports-based or skill-based subgame will be, so I can't gripe about that one yet. I'm sure whatever it is will be terrible, though."

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Peter North4324d ago

Final Fantasy 13 is appearing exclusively on the PlayStation 3 this Christmas, there will be a Limited Edition White PlayStation 3 for sale alongside Squares upcoming PS3 blockbuster.

NateNater4324d ago

No victory theme song!??!?
There has to be one!
It's not Final Fantasy without an epic victory song!

Noct4324d ago

They said in an interview a little while back the final game would have the victory theme song.

Personally I love the camera angles since they're a lot more cinematic.

You have the option to leave it as it is or use the right analog stick and move it yourself so they've given us a lot of freedom with it. (on fields and in battles)

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iamtehpwn4324d ago

Bothers me.
How else are you supposed to know its Final Fantasy you're playing?

ReviewsArePolitics4324d ago

Ever since FFX it has lost its soul. Its music used to be epic and so its storylines, now they are targeting another public with their crap and it's lost its magic touch. The gameplay has remained awesome but I just stopped liking the game art.

Lets hope that Nomura can make of Versus what he made of Kingdom Hearts.

Cold 20004324d ago

All I hope is they get the story right.

Not that FF12 kind of crap.

The Great Melon4324d ago

Personally I would prefer no victory song. I remember playing FFX and getting pissed off after hearing the same victory song after every battle. If they had about 10 versions of victory songs it wouldn't get as old as one does so easily.

iamtehpwn4324d ago

Wouldn't it be a fantastic bonus feature if they let us choose are our own Victory fan fare from a back catalog of Final Fantasies?

ThanatosDMC4324d ago

If it were like FF12, i'd understand that there's no victory music for normal enemies but this would just be horrible. It's bad enough that they have to jump to another "place" for the fight to begin.

The Great Melon4324d ago


I like that idea. Just use the whole catalog of songs that they have previously made. My only issue is that one song gets stale really fast when you encounter it every twenty feet.

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SonyEnthusiast4324d ago

Why do we have to see this site again? Always so negative, its depressing to the point where they make themselfs look foolish. There site must be in dier need of hits to have so many controversial stories. Destructoid, the new Cnet.

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TheColbertinator4324d ago

I'm glad an honest preview rose up.

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