This Is How You Make The Playstation Motion Controller A Success

"Twiggy", PushSquare: "I'm concerned. Showing the Resident Evil 5: Directors Cut played with a single Playstation Motion Controller and a DualShock held with one hand literally frightens me. Not only is it terrible PR, it's also a flawed the system and a downright bad idea. I lay no claim to being a tenth of the genius Playstation innovator Dr. Richard Marks is; but I think I have a better idea. I just hope Sony have the time to at least think about it."

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SixZeroFour4325d ago

although i do not own a ps3 (might in the future) i completely agree with what he says with regards to 2 motion controls sold together

in addition, they can make the layout like splitting the ds3 in half, where the left hand motion controller has the d pad, analog and 2 triggers while the right hand has the buttons, as well as the analog and 2 triggers...all in about the same positions as the ds3 of course, that way, new motion controller users wont have the trouble of getting used to the button layout as they would already be familiar with it having played with the ds3

although they would still have to have purchased the webcam to make it work right? which makes me wonder how much the whole thing could cost if they were to bundle the whole thing together, left and right have motion controllers and a webcam...of course they would have a separate offer as well or else ppl will have up to 4 cams, lol

morgan1jones4324d ago

they need to replace the long rectangle button on the top of the motion controller with an analogue stick. This way the analogue stick will act as the movement of the character and the motion control as the aiming of the character. The button on the bottom of the controller could be shoot and the smaller buttons around the analogue stick could be crouch or change weapons. if the added an extra button on the bottom as well that could be zoom aim. this controller would be perfect for ffs such as cod and Killzone!!!!!!

mastiffchild4324d ago

Whatever they do they simpy cannot go with usinga DS3 one handed. It's the solution of a Pikey which isn't something I ever thought I'd say about Sony. Really, though, it's a scarily poor answer if thet's all they have and both the Wii and Natal will or do have better solutions to moving a game character around their world.

FFS Sony listen to everyone. It's only Kotaku who seem to think the DS3 is a good answer here and they HATE you!

ReviewsArePolitics4324d ago

The PS Motion wand sucks as is, they should change it to the way he is suggesting, that's exactly what I was thinking before and probably what many other gamers did. No backwards compatibility is a major turn off.

Raf1k14324d ago

The analogue stick this is exactly what I was thinking.

Sarick4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

I've been saying this even before they showed the wand. It'll definitely make things a lot better if it has an analog stick at the top.

I see it like this. If your playing a FPS with that wand the aiming would probably be controlled by the motion sensors and the trigger would be the weapons triggers.

Ok, what will control forward, backward left right and strife. Really without a top thumb analog the wand isn't designed right. If this is the way the wand is designed it's a half made design. We would probably need 2 controllers to do what the right design with the stick would do in one

Someone please explain to me how someone could walk in a FPS using the motion detection as te aiming device.

It would really stink if you had to toggle the motion control from aim mode to walk mode every time you want to shot. It'd even me more of a hassle if you needed a second controller.

D4RkNIKON4324d ago

The controller needs to take a step in this direction.
I don't think I agree with the placement of the analog sticks in the link I provided but I really like that it is a break apart controller that would come with two motion controllers so you don't have to buy them separately. Sony really needs to rethink this. This design without the analog is an epic fail and I would hate for that to happen to sony..

Electricear4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

That's an interesting idea for the controller; however, I would be concerned that a controller that linked together like that would be to unstable or fragile.

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whothedog4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Yes I really believe that they need analog to create some good hardcore games. The RE5 demonstration I thought was a little "hackish" looking and I don't think I would play if I have to play like that.

dragonyght4324d ago

RE5 demonstration was a bit underwhelm simply because the game wasn't build with motion control in mind it simply an add-on.

after e3 the ppl were worry about seeing 2 pmc. sony said themselves the sweet spot was 2 controller but it will not be a requirement im guessing the ds3 as a substitute was the alternative for those cant afford the second pmc. i don't any problem with if it done right

Death24944324d ago

missed the point as to why there were showing it in the first place. Capcom ported over the Wii's interface into RE5. Since the "wand" doesn't have a nun chuck, they imporvised and went ahead with analog on the DualShock 3. The point was to show how quick they were able to get the "wand" working on existing titles.

There, i just saved you 5 seconds of thinking.

Chaos Striker4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

What Sony should do, is to design a secondary peripheral that acts like the Nunchuk on the Wii. Sure it may be copying/cloning in some respects, but there is no other easy solution to seamlessly integrate this new Motion Controller with current gameplay. There is a rumor from or something that says that Sony is researching a secondary device, but it came across as a 'no comment' from the SCE Studios President. Hopefully some more material evidence will show up by the time GDC rolls around.

**Good point, I guess there are more issues, unforeseen :\

ginsunuva4324d ago

But what about games that require 2 of the motion wands. You can't hold the "nunchuck". So that's why it needs to be on every wand.

saint_john_paul_ii4324d ago

The next time we will hear about these controllers wont be at GDC. it will be at CES.

Jamescagney4324d ago

Yes if Sony are going to copy Nintendo they need to copy it totally, take the nunchuck as well.

keysy4204324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

dont come out with ps3 motion controller without some type of analog the hwole contoroller on the side would be cool if im playing with my child but if i want to use the motion controller by its self how will i move. even with 2 noone wants to play games standing all the time thats why natal is flawed

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