Epic: Unreal Engine 4 Ready for Next-Gen Consoles

Epic Games president Micheal Capps revealed some new information on their upcoming Unreal Engine 4. During a Q&A session at the Tokyo Game Show, Capps talked a little bit about the future.

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OGharryjoysticks4327d ago

The Microsoft PR man says Natal is going to be for 360. Uh, sure you probably will be able to plug it into the 360, but that's not all.

free2game3654327d ago

Kind if funny it's ready when the specs aren't anywhere near finalized and the next consoles are likely to be 2x a powerful at the most with mostly beefed up and reused tech.

YoungKiller254327d ago

im sure they have all the specs for the next gen console but are probably developing DX11 GPU's to put in them
sony's going with a 32nm new cell based CPU

XboxUltimateAlliance4327d ago

The new Xbox will be here 2012 at the latest, and probably 2011. You can bet on it. 360 is already almost 5 years old. They will release the new Xbox in 360's 6th or 7th year. I'm betting 2011.

Pandamobile4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )


Title should read "Unreal Engine 4 WILL BE Ready for Next-Gen Consoles"

Microsoft Xbox 3604327d ago

Their engine isn't efficient enough to run on current consoles? Is their engine too bloated to even compare to the superior engines seen on the PS3 or heck even the Crytek one?

Foliage4327d ago

Good timing, Microsoft is just about ready to quit out of this gen with their tail between their legs.

FantasyStar4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

You pissed off some console fanboys there. Listen up fanboys. Most Consoles are based on last-gen PC tech. That's fact. That's not to say that console games sucks because of this fact. Here's a history lesson.

Xbox (circa 2001)
Processor: Intel 733 MHz CPU
Graphics: Geforce MX (loosely a Geforce 3/4 hybrid)
64MB RAM Unified

Playstation 2 (circa 2001)
Processor: Emotion Engine 300 MHz CPU
Graphics: Graphics Synthesizer 147MHz 4MB eDRAM
32MB RAM for GP

During 2001, stuff like Geforce FX/6 Series, Dual-Core CPUs, and DDR2 RAM was already out for mainstream PCs. PCs were way ahead of consoles and still continue to do so. Games like Call of Duty 2 came out in 2004 when Xbox was pushing out Halo 2 graphics and PS2 was pushing out God of War graphics. Both which are very good, but incomparable to PC graphics and technology. Just look how this-gen's consoles blatantly play "Simon Says".

Xbox 360 (circa 2005)
Processor: Xenon Tri-core CPU 3.2 GHz
Graphics: ATI Xenos 500MHz 8MB eDRAM (based on R500 Core w/ DX10 enhancements)
512MB RAM Unified

Playstation 3 (circa 2006)
Processor: Cell Broadband Engine 3.2GHz
Graphics: Nvidia Reality Synthesizer 550GHz (based on Geforce 7800 GPU)
512MB (256 Split. XDR-RAM/GDDR3)

Now did you honestly expect me to belittle consoles again? F**k no! Consoles are doing pretty damn well right now because here's how the golden rule of gaming technology works. PCs invent the technology, Consoles refine that technology to perfection. Who'd thought that graphics and technology as impressive as Killzone 2 is even possible on a wimpy Gefoce 7800 GPU?

Just don't ever forget the fact that in the world of technology, PC is king and Consoles are the horse. If it wasn't for consoles, PC gaming would grind to a halt because there would be little motivation to push the graphical envelope. If it wasn't for PCs, then we'd still be stuck in the 8-bit era of gaming for 20 years straight. There's no difference between a king and a horse except for the roles they play. You thought that this would be a console-hating post? Hah! I love em both equally and spend time on both! Screw you fanboys! I'm a gold-digger for good games regardless of where it came from.

The fact of the matter is Epic Games is blowing some serious smoke. How can you finalize a brand new rendering engine if the next-gen technology doesn't even exist for non-commercial purposes yet.

I can imagine it now, The UE4 engine is just like the UE3 Engine except for added-minor support/tweaks for SM 5.0, Tessellation Support, GPGPU support. There's a difference between adding on band-aid after band-aid on an existing wound, and taking off all 59 band aids and replacing it with a SUPER BAND-AID OF HEALING.

You know, Halo 3 is based on the Halo 2 engine, except for minor tweaks like enhanced SM4, HDR lighting, and Depth of Field and called that NEXT-GEN. HAH! What a JOKE! Talk about duct-taping an AC-Unit to a Window and calling it "Professional Central Air-Conditioning" -I bet the UE4 is just like how Bungie pulled a "next-gen" with Halo 3. I still love Halo 3 and think it's still a great game and play it today, but the graphics technology is a EPIC JOKE! LAUGH WITH ME!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!! If Epic Games intends to fail as hard as Bungie did regarding how to label engines as "next-gen"....someon e get me my MJ popcorn.gif! NAO!!!!!!! It'll save me 3-4 years of waiting in line.

Whatever, my blood sugar is low. Carry on. Pills here.

dirthurts4327d ago

Especially agree with PC is the king :)
But I play my xbox more : (

Nihilism4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

this makes me think that the ps3 and 360 have no-where near the lifetime that was reported, first no more gears on 360, then the next engine being saved ( as was innevitable but the point remains) for the next console, it seems like they're winding things down a fair bit early, and if any publisher would have been told about m.s plans for the next console it's epic, they will be relying on gears 3 for a big launch etc

We'll see what happens, but i think the rumoured 2011 release is absolutely concrete now, at least for the 720 and wii 2 anyway

I look forward to actual TRUE HD consoles ( no sub 720p games. no sub 30frame rates, lol)

just a random guess, but i think the console's will have cards very similar to the 4870's...only with dx11 support, to wish for more would be insane



"Who'd thought that graphics and technology as impressive as Killzone 2 is even possible on a wimpy Gefoce 7800 [email protected] ?)

well i did, i do believe i was running that res in around 2001...

they've done well to be sure, but don't overstate it, the @720p part seems to slip everyone's mind when comparing console's to pc's, if i ran crysis at that res i'd get 45 frame average on very high on a 8800gt 512mb

I made a thread about it, but i think the ut3 engine wasn't used properly on the 360 or ps3, all the games using the engine that people criticise look amazing on pc, next gen it should be more even.....with this gens pc's i mean ;)

FantasyStar4326d ago

While I do agree that Crysis at 19x10 speaks very large volumes versus 12x7. You gotta admit that it's pretty impressive for a "console" to pull that off. I was definitely impressed not by the hardware, but the new techniques used to pull it off.

C'mon, you gotta admit the concept of deferred rendering is what we need to really push multithreading forward in gaming.

2Spock4326d ago

Get tired of seeing tech this and tech that. That doesn't mean a thing it is about the games. You have the latest and greatest graphics but if the game stinks the game stinks plain and simple. And right now i could care less about next gen consoles, my PS3 is just starting to shine and i don't even see how i am going to have time to play all these games.

DeadlyFire4326d ago

2011/2012 - We will see at least two big engines. Unreal Engine 4.0 as well as CryEngine 4.0 Either one is likely to be very impressive. Both are very likely to be in console SDKs in at least 2 consoles as well.

CryEngine 3 is just CryEngine 2 with some duct tape on it to make it work for consoles with some updated textures and optomization.

Vip3r4326d ago

"During 2001, stuff like Geforce FX/6 Series, Dual-Core CPUs, and DDR2 RAM was already out for mainstream PCs."

Try 2005-2006. Definitely not 2001 for that hardware.

FantasyStar4326d ago

Ack, my mistake. You're right.

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Grandreaper99994327d ago

There you are, Gears 3, November 2011.

beans4327d ago

I hope they take there time making part 3 and release it on the next Xbox and not 360.

WMW4327d ago

Epic: Unreal Engine 4 Ready to be over used on Next-Gen Consoles

dannyp334327d ago

Haha but is that a bad thing?

darkequitus4327d ago

are just 2 games that say, if U2E is used right, welcome it

raztad4327d ago


Batman:AA and Bioshock standout due to their amazing art-style, but you can tell easily UE3 is not a very capable engine. Shinny plastic everywhere, poor lightning, blocky characters, technically UE3 is nothing to brag about.

NoOoB1014327d ago

Dont you have to have the hardware specs of the next console for that? does that mean xbox has a new console being made or plans for it in the near future?

BX814326d ago

That wouldn't surprise me. MS has yet to prove that games that look like uncharted can be done on the 360. I'm waiting to see SC:C and Alan Wake. If those two games can't do it then I thinks it's clear MS has to have a console in the near future that will out do all games graphically. However I think project Natal if done right will be able to hold MS until the next gen. of consoles comes out. I for one like my 360 better to play online games on but it will be kind of hard to pursue a new customer not to buy a PS3 when it has Blu-ray and graphically better games not to mention 3D in the near future.

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