Firmware 3.10 Coming Soon

This morning we [] picked up on a story from VG247 suggesting cross-game chat would appear in the next firmware update for the PS3. Well, this afternoon we can reveal that, if our source is to be believed, this is indeed the case – we've had a chat with our own source (who wishes to remain anonymous) that has confirmed in principle that the next software update will feature an XMB-based cross game communication tool centered around voice chat.

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Ron_Burgundy4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

so much support for a FREE service, improvements are always welcomed

after this how is xbl even worth it? Netflix?

lol at how the bots say they bought a gaming console

Jamescagney4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

Another generic comment. How interesting.

I'll post my generic post post.

I think you fit the bill.

Aquarius4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

"Yes, because no one jokes about dildos with dildo shaped objects.

EDIT:It looks like a dildo, let's be honest. It looks like a dildo.

EDIT 2: Kaz is holding it thinking it looks like a dildo.

EDIT 3: He's holding it wondering why R&D haven't come up with anything remotely worth holding up and showing people without the need for dildo observations."

EDIT: Well that comment was beyond retarded. Stop criticizing the look of the wands please, they don't look like a dildo, you must have a dirty mind. 95% of the references I hear, see and read is that they are actually wands.

EDIT2: You seem neglected...and going on IGNORE LIST.
Wiiplay was released before Eyeplay...oh wait.

Jamescagney4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

That's amazing. What does that prove? Do you see me posting whenever something related to ps3 comes up? Do I only criticize ps3?

EDIT: Are those your stats? Because I mostly read about it mentioned as a dildo.

I'm buying a ps3 and I can see it looks like a dildo.

Love is blind as they say.

Look, here's me slagging off something else, because I have something called an opinion....

ambientFLIER4322d ago

XBL and Xbox are worth it because they are unified and everything is super simple. Here's my struggle with my PS3 today:

Put in Socom. Heard it ended up being pretty decent, after all the patches, of course. I'm pumped to play it.

Can't play it. Says it needs to be installed. Of course, no install option on the screen; I have to find it myself.

Ok, found the install option, and running it now...over 2 gigs left...great!

15 minutes later...ok, game is installed, time to play. Press play.

Sorry, nope, the system needs to install a system update before it allows me to play Socom. Once again, no install option on screen. Have to find it myself.

Ok, found the system update. Downloading it now.

15 minutes later, ok it time to play? Nope, it's time to install the downloaded system update.

15 minutes later, ok installed...finally time to play Socom.

Started Socom...oh wait, the game needs to be patched first...great! The only upside is that I don't need to quit all the way to the system menu to patch it. Whoo-hoo!

Ok, patching in progress...600 minutes remaining for the download...uh, wtf?

15 minutes fails. Cool. Let's try this again.

15 minutes later...fails yet again, what a surprise. Funny enough, this never happens with my 360.

Let's try once more.

Oh wow, it actually works!!! Time to play Socom!!!! YAY THANK YOU SONY!!!!

Game sucks. Great. I'm glad I wasted all that time.

Thanks Sony.

thebudgetgamer4322d ago

all you do is bash it all the time just get rid of it if you have that many issues.

ZipSpeed4322d ago

You know that when they say "Coming Soon" it means it'll be coming within a week or so.

ambientFLIER4321d ago

I still have it because it was a gift and I'm also hoping that GT5 will be good.

Xlll4321d ago

@ambientFLIER the only people who think socom sucks are the ones that blow at it. Whats your psn i wanna take a look at your stats. Also about the patches at least Sony fixes sh!t when it needs to be. All free btw. You pay for live and take a look at Gears of bore 2 online mode nuff said there. Also you have the N64 as your avatar so we already know your not that bright.

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jamesrocks31474322d ago

i wont put my hopes up for it and i suggest that to everybody else. how ever that sounds interesting

" XMB-based cross game communication tool centred around voice chat."

hmmm interesting

Greywulf4322d ago

I agree, every update is "BUH BUH XMB [email protected][email protected]" Jesus christ.

LordMarius4322d ago

yeah not getting my hopes up either

Saaking4322d ago

Cross game chat coming OCt.... maybe it is true.

deadreckoning6664322d ago

Idk, if anyone noticed this but Firmware 3.0 took away the ability to listen to music while on the Internet Browser. Does anyone else have this problem??

fishd4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

I really don't care about it,but I hope Sony add this feature to PS3 so ppl will stop b!tching about it,lol

Remember those days before ingame xmb?!My god in every god damn thread ppl were crying for it!

Darkfocus4322d ago

it still works it just disables it if you have it running before opening the browser if you start it after the browsers open it'll work.

Noctis Aftermath4322d ago

@deadreckoning666: you have to change your audio options, set it to 44 i think.

Anon19744322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

Didn't use it on the 360, won't use it on the PS3. Don't really see why so many put so much emphasis on this. Can you chat in-game? Yes. Why would you want to talk to someone who's playing something else? If you wanted to chat, wouldn't you be chatting instead of playing? Personally, I think it's rude to try to carry a conversation with someone while your attention is elsewhere. Mind you, I'm old. Kids today might think there's nothing wrong with it. If I was trying to talk to someone and they were playing a game I think it would infuriate me.

ThanatosDMC4322d ago

They want hits after that article on N4G spread online, huh?

Marceles4322d ago

Yeah, the blog is gonna get killed if it's just an update to "increase compatibility with current PS3 games".

Mr Logic4322d ago

In that case. After reading the story, my source also confirmed to me that 3.10 was bringing cross game chat sometime in October or November.

Deputydon4322d ago

As much as I want the update, I get kicked out of the normal text chat often enough that I am doubting a cross game voice chat will let me in at all.

Cwalat4321d ago

I don't really give a crap about that feature voicechat ingame...

The only things i will be fairly dissapointed with if they don't include them in the next firmwire update are:

*New Avatars
*Silver boxes friendlist changes
*More dynamic themes
*That PS3 pling when you boot up a game
*Remove the "2-clicks-needed-PSstore- icon" from game section

If they release all that stuff in the next update i'll be happy.

Gamoc4321d ago

Woah, careful there, I don't think TSA can possibly withstand your rapier wit.

zeeshan4321d ago

I am holding my breath..... NOT!!!

prowiew4321d ago

urrg. i hate my ps3 updates

FACTUAL evidence4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

No offense but with Sony, I wont' believe it until I see it for I'll wait until October to see if this is true..on the other hand, I'm not going to keep my hopes up for this...but if this is true......OMG U2C cross chat on campaign FTW!!...MW2 Cross game chat FTW, GOD OF WAR 3!!?! Cross game chat!?!?! OMG that would be lovely. Although i don't care much for this feature it would be nice to have with single player games, so you and one of your buddies could share gaming experiences.

Karum4321d ago

If the exclusion of dynamic themes in the next update will disappoint you then you can just go ahead and be disappointed right now. The actual themes won't ever be in a FW update, you'll only ever get them from the store.

GCNSean4321d ago

You guys just gave this website their hits quota.

gaffyh4321d ago

@1.4 - You have to go into the audio settings and put the audio sampling rate (I think!) down to 48khz, then it works.

Lifendz4321d ago

that 50 dollar annual fee is starting to look like more and more of a rip.

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-EvoAnubis-4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

Two different sites, and perhaps two different sources. At this point, I'd love it if Super_Secret were to comment on this issue; I'd believe him without hesitation.

As such, I can only keep my fingers crossed and hope this is the case. I've I've said before, this isn't a feature that I really need, but if I could do it, I'd probably use it every now and then.

TheHater4322d ago

This same site hype a "AAA" xbox 360 exclusive that is coming to the PS3 for hits. Where is that "AAA" xbox 360 exclusive

-EvoAnubis-4322d ago

Trust me, I don't. Then again, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

I place NO faith in this rumor, but simply think that it'd be nice were it true.

TheHater4322d ago

We are going to get in-game chat.......eventually down the road, but I would be stunned if it comes next month or November. The sooner the better though.

Snoogins4322d ago

TSA's AAA-XBox 360 exclusive turned out to be Braid. Not as hoped for as Mass Effect, but judging from sales and critical/fan responses, not a bad thing I guess.

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Ron_Burgundy4322d ago

after this all that would be needed is in game music playback, why would paying for Xbox live even be worth it?

Aquarius4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

where's the in-game screenshot feature :(

@below, I don't understand how do I use it, I don't have any of those games I'm afraid.

emjayx4322d ago

its already implemented in some games. these ones use the official Photo > Save Screenshot function
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (Only works well in Cutscenes, otherwise screen is dimmed and paused)
Dirt 2 (Replays Only)
IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey
MLB 09: The Show
Noby Noby Boy

Delta4322d ago

That's cool. I hope it comes out. I like to chat.