Why Haven't You Downloaded These 17 Free DLC Songs For Guitar Hero 5 & World Tour?

You'd be a fool not to download these free Guitar Hero DLC songs right away.

Why? Because they're free with no catch, and it adds to your song setlist choices when you play with others online. All you need is some free space on your hard drive (Xbox 360) or SD Card (Nintendo Wii).

It's always dumbfounding to see a player with zero DLC. Why wouldn't you at least download the free ones? One can only guess they simply aren't aware of the Music Store's free DLC.

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Smacktard4327d ago

A: Because they're all terrible.

mistajeff4327d ago

lol, I honestly think it's impressive that anyone can list 17 songs in any context and I can look at the list and hate all of them.

sa_nick4327d ago

Woa, they are bad.

I'll stick with paying for quality song from Harmonix. Rock song catalogue at 564 and still rising.

DanSolo4327d ago

They are all bad except Stan Bushes' The Touch! If you have watched, and like, Tranformers the ANIMATED movie, you know what I mean!

Automat4326d ago

Why would I? I don't even have any of those games....