No UMD Solution for the PSPgo?

Earlier today, Sony announced a PSPgo rewards program for existing PSP owners in European territories wishing to upgrade to the slimmer, sexier model.

Since the PSPgo is UMD-less, there's little incentive for customers to upgrade and be stuck with a pile of unplayable games. Sony's solution is to give those customers three free digital download titles from a selection of 17, including Resistance: Retribution, Patapon, and Wipeout Pure.

But this same offer is not currently planned for SCEA regions, a Sony representative told IGN.

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Sarcasm4373d ago

Wow things sure are backwards now adays compared to 2007.

PS3 outselling 360/Wii worldwide.
U.S. getting the shaft compared to EU PS3 owners.
Giant Enemy Crab is somewhat neutral.

What next?

Shane Kim joins SCEA?
Aaron Greenberg grows hair?
Hip Hop Gamer goes to grammar school?

You have entered... the twilight zone... *cue music*

Aquarius4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

I would take out the "U.S. getting the shaft compared to EU PS3 owners." because EU still does compared to the US :(

ABizzel14373d ago

You need to fix this Sony. Have a trade in program or something where you trade in your games, and get a PSN voucher for the same game or something.

I want to upgrade, but If my 8 games (God of War, Twisted Metal, Crisis Core, Burnout, Patapon, Loco Roco 2, can't think of the other 2 and too lazy to go look) aren't coming along I don't know if I want to upgrade on launch.

I need to pick up

Killzone Liberation
Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops
Portal Ops Plus
New Metal Gear
GTA China Town Wars
Final Fantasy Dissida

DiLeCtioN4373d ago

this dam thing is like £50 away from a PS3, waste of money if you ask me.

sam22364373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

Completely agree. And you know what the worst thing is? The PSPgo is just a ridiculous gimmick.

Get yourself a PSP/PSP slim with a 32GB memory stick, install custom firmware, rip all of your UMDs and put them on the memory stick. That's basically the PSPgo right there and all of that is for less then €100.

Seriously, the PSPgo is bloody usless.

hoops4373d ago

The PSP go is not worth it. Too expensive and if you have a large collection of UMD's you are rivered large.
What the hell was Sony thinking with this?

poindat4373d ago

"Since the PSPgo is UMD-less, there's little incentive for customers to upgrade and be stuck with a pile of unplayable games."

I didn't know there were so many idiots in this world. There is NO NEED for anyone who has a PSP-3000 to upgrade to the Go. If they want to, more power to them, but come on... Don't throw out your old PSP and make your hundreds of dollars of purchases invalid. That's just stupid.

Jeff2574373d ago

Well as much as Id like to get a new PSP. Since I wont have a way to keep from having to rebuy the games I have then I think Ill just pass on this. at least until Sony either changes their plans or seriously drops the price. Im just glad that new games will still be coming out on UMD for the time being.

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