GRTV: Tekken 6 gameplay video

The guys from GRTV filmed this gameplay of Tekken 6 down on the Tokyo Game Show showfloor.

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Thoreau4326d ago

tekken(prepped for disagrees) has fallen off big time. the game caters to the scrub. all characters now have 10 frame jabs and the nerfing to some characters is ridiculous. no more wall splat 112 with mishimas. no more hell sweep knock down(which has been in tekken sinces part 1), but steve gets a c.hit bound f,f 2? no wall shove, no tag. just characters throwing out random launchers and backdashes with 50-50 set ups. besides the bound combo system and rage, what is different about t5dr and t6br. flat unimaginative arenas with pallet swaps and break away walls/floors. i was crushing people whom have played the game for months using t5dr skills and not knowing the character frame rates....

(Yes i have played t6br for hours and hours)

i am still going to buy it cause i love tekken as a series, but [email protected] hopefully they will revamp the series after this one.